Thursday, January 10, 2013

Y.E.T Nail Wrap Review

Y.E.T (YES! ENJOY TIME) nail wrap, I'm so excited with this product. It's Korean product and their nail wrap designs are so cute and unique. I ordered mine from Taiwan online shop for 99 nt (taiwan dollar) It's around 30,000 IDR.
The front packaging is so cute (so appealing ^^) and at the back they give some instructions of how to use it. It's simple just choose the nail wrap (or i can say nail sticker) based on your nails size, stick it on your nails then buffer the left over and you're done!

This is what's look like from the inside. Nail buffer is included and they have 2 of 9 unique designs so, 18 pcs in one packaging and they also have variant size of the nail wrap, so you can choose which one fit to your nails. 

My first attempt to use the nail wrap ^^ (without top coat)

What I love about this nail wraps are;
- No dry time!
- Quick Finish!
- Easily use!
- Unique design! 
Those are what they said in the packaging and I'm all agree with those ^^ 
plus since I have short nails now, this wraps definitely too long for me, so I can cut some of the design and stick it on my nail (just like my ring finger and index finger) 
The only problem I have is with the nail buffer, it's not working!!!( or is it me who can't use it?) anyway, I'm using scissor instead of their nail buffer, it's easier. 

Would I repurchase it? Oh YES!!! I love this products, it's easy to use and it's fun. Their designs of nail wraps are so unique they even have glow in the dark version ^^, I might grab that one someday. I don't know if you can get this products on your local country, but if you do, you should buy it ^^.  Highly recommended ^^


  1. lucuuu <3 di Indo masih jarang yang jual brand ini :(

  2. Ah mauuuuuu >___< Tapi aku belom pernah liat OS indo yang jual ya :(

  3. apa mungkin masih brand baru ya? selain nail wrap Y.E.T juga ada macam2x, bb cream, pencil liners, lip tint designnya pakai logo girl itu

  4. uwaaa cce unyuh, ku kemaren shipping eyeliner gel nya sma lip tint nya ._.
    harga nya mayan murah ya cuman 30rbu, kalo etude udah di atas

    1. bagus nggak eyeliner gelnya? pengen nyobain juga heheheh. Iya waktu itu nail wrapnya dapatnya murah, pas lagi promo ^^

  5. they are so cute!!!!
    i want them!!!!

  6. Hi which taiwan online shop you buy from?