Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Banila Co. It Radiant Review

Hello Dazzlers,
Today I want to show you face products that I use lately

Banila Co. It Radiant CC

I once watched it on Get It Beauty show (I forgot which episode)
but the main point of this trio are lightweight makeup and moisturizing. 

So... Let's try it 

Good Morninggg... My bare face :P
I have redness around my nose 
and dark circle..... 

First step (after toner) I applied 
CC it Radiant Brightening Cream 
The box said "This cream enhances radiance of CC cream 
in addition to extraordinary function of whitening and moisturizing"
plus it's 6 free (but since it's in Korean- I don't know what it is)

Inside the jar
The cream is gel texture at first it might look like white transparent gel, 
but if you notice there's also kinda pink color in it. 

An Instant brightening?
What do you think?
When I applied it, I think my face look glossy 
but it didn't sticky at all 
This cream has a slight of flower scent. 

The Second step
Apply CC Whitening Moisturizing 
Color Control Base 
It already has SPF 30PA++ 
so I skipped my sunblock 
I only used that little for my whole face 

I can feel my face brighten 
I love this CC cream come up with pump 
I barely notice the scent 

Last Step 
CC in Melting Pact 

The Melting Pact came with 2 choices of shade 
mine is Natural Beige 

It might look a bit whiter but after a while 
it would oxidize to our skin color. 

*Lipstick: MAC Candy Yum Yum 

I Really love these products!!!! 
When I use 3 of them the finished result giving my skin 
a bright glow (looks like my skin really healthy) 
It feels really light on my skin (make it perfect for summer 
or hot weather)
but, still I have to blot my face after 5 hours 
(Which I think it's normal since the weather is so hot)

If I want more coverage I usually mix my 
favorite BB cream with this CC cream. 

Have you tried this products?
or do you have your favorite CC cream?

Thank you for reading 


  1. i love to try this but i worry it will be too oily for me....most cc n bb are oily for me so I never use them!!! #giglove visit me back at follow u on GFC too :-)

    1. Ouch that's too bad, this CC cream really light weight, but yes it's little bit oily at the end of the day :p

  2. The CC melting pack looks really good~ Might have to try that one once I finished all of my cushions. ^_^

  3. Thank you dear,
    so happy to hear that <3