Thursday, March 28, 2013

Skin Food Nail Vita Alpha Base Coat Review

Today, I'm gonna discuss about this new baby from Skin Food. Nail Vita Alpha Base Coat.
This polish is function as base coat, use it before you use your nail polish. The special thing about this is, you can say goodbye to your nail remover, since you only have to peel your polish to remove it. Sounds great to me!!! hahaha.
On the bottle, it said Nail Vita Alpha contains Calcium, Vita C and Keratin. This advanced nail polish keeps color shiny and stays for long. 

So, Let's try it!!
The brush is the same with the other Skin Food Nail Vita's polish range. 

The Formula is thicker and sticky, almost like a glue, but the great thing is, it doesn't have scent.

I apply one coat, and it took "forever" to dry!!!!

After waiting for the base to dry I put the regular nail polishes. 2 Coats on every nails, no top coats.

Oopss, I think I'm a bit rushing it, it haven't completely dry when I started peeling it

I peeled it off!!

And this are my nails looks like at night. Noted I applied at afternoon then I was busy with the house routine (cooking, washing dishes, etc) and picture below took at night, after I took a shower.

The nail polish still look decent. I was thinking since the base gonna make my nail polish peel, the nails polish won't last longer on my nails, but I was wrong!! It's still looks OK. 

So, at night I tried other nail to peel ^.^ 
So, when it's completely dry, I can peel the whole nail polish, as if I was using a fake nails ^.^

This are my nails after the peeling. As you can see, there is a bit residue on index nails, but it will be gone after washing our hands. The most important thing is It didn't hurt my nails at all. Yay!!

What I love about this product:
1. It didn't hurt my nails (it really do the job- protect our nails)
2. It doesn't have scent 
3. It really make the nails polish "stick" on my nails
4. I enjoying peeling the nail polish hahah

The only thing I hate is It took forever to dry. It took more than 5 minutes to naturally dry ( I didn't use nail dryer, I just let it dry naturally). 

What do you think? would you try this kind of base coat? 
Thank you for reading My blogs ^.^ 


  1. wah , jadi pengen beli , interesting bgt hahahaha >.<

    btw , follback blogku ya
    thankyou :)

    1. hihihi thank you, iyaa asyikk loo pakenya, asyikk peelingnya juga hahah

  2. lucu yaa,, aku juga pernah liat ini di etude. oalaah ternyata skin food juga ngeluarin.