Monday, August 26, 2013

Anna Sui Rose Ring Rouge in 302 Review

Hello Monday......
I don't know why, but I always feel so tired and lazy on Monday...... 
but today I'm so excited cause I want to share this product Anna Sui Rose Ring Rouge #302. 
The box is really beautiful (plus it's butterfly and rose). 

I was back and forth with this product for a month. When I saw the advertisement with number 400, it look so pretty, but I was a bit concern with the price. It's quite expensive. I bought it from Anna Sui counter (Taiwan) for 970 NT (more expensive than YSL lipstick).

I finally bought it. 
I was searching a reason for me to buy this product.... Ohhh ana you should buy it cause #400 name is Anna red. It's got your name on it (that's my reason :p) 

The back of the box (directions for use)
and Made in Japan

But why I bought #302? 
The name is only for advertisement. There are no name stamp on the product or on the box. They only stamp the number on the product. (a bit dissapointed)

I think the ring is made from acrylic. 
The ring is so big. I love the purple jewel look like with the black rose border. 
The packaging and the ring really look expensive 
(well yes it's expensive)

The product inside

It's pink with silver and gold glitter 


I put lip balm on my bare lips 
and one layer, I use my finger to apply the rouge on my lips.
It has a strong delicate rose scent (the rose scent that all of Anna Sui's product have).

even though It has glitter in it, but when you applied it on your lips, the glitter and pink blend together, giving you such as nice glossy pink (not leaving your lips with too much chunky glitter). Making your lips look so moisture. 

My impression about this product;
1. I love the packaging 
2. I love how moisture it feels on my lips 
3. I love the strong rose scent 
4. I love the color
5. It last quite long on my lips 

What I don't like;
is the price....... it's super duper expensive 1 gr for 970 NT

What do you think? 
Have you seen this Rose Ring Rouge?
Thank you for reading <3


  1. Reakky cute color, really lovely package!

  2. ..cute cute packaging!
    color suits you !!

  3. This is a great shade ! :)
    I love the right #gig

  4. expensive but so pretty !! and cute packaging :3

    1. yes, I agree, if not for the packaging I think I'll go for YSL lipstick :P

  5. the packaging is really cute and the colors look really good on you ><

    so, i nominated you for the liebster award :)
    heres the link:

    1. Thank you so much dear for the nomination <3