Thursday, November 14, 2013

Etude House Don't Worry Hand Cream Review

Etude House once again blow me away with their new Don't Worry Hand Cream Collection.  There are 4 scents of hand cream in this collection.
*I took this pic from Taiwan Etude House website*

I picked 2 scents from this collection

The Ingredients detail 

It's fine- All is well 
Super Duper cute. 
You can take off the shoes and put it back on. 
My daughter loves it so much, she likes to play with the shoes. 
This hand cream has Citrus Floral Fragrance 

You Did It- Almost There 
This one has Floral Musky Fragrance. 

The cream constitency
The formula is a bit sticky when you first apply it on your hands, but don't worry, it absorb really quick. 
You definitely can smell the fragrance of the hand cream, but it's not over powering scent. 
I mean it's not too strong (the kind of smell that too strong that gonna give you headache)
My favorite scent is It's fine-all is well. 
I found that it's citrus floral scent make me relax. Love the scent!

The idea of this hand cream is to give you encouragement and spirit. 
I think it would be a great gifts for someone else (friends,sisters, GF,BF,etc) or for ourself :P
I like to put mine on my working table <3

This collection also came in lip balm. 

What do you think of a Messaging Beauty Product?
Do you like it like I do?

Thanks for reading 


  1. Aww~ I saw the launch of this product in EH Official site about 2 weeks ago and thinking of getting these for my lil' sis. She's having big exams right now.
    Indeed, I dig the whole Beauty-Product-with-Message thing. Instead of texting, or card, this will cross the message in a more lovable ways. I definitely gonna get this once they hit Malaysia stores.
    Thanks for sharing this review, dear!
    xx, Mira |

    1. So agree with you. This is one of our way of express our feeling as beauty junkies hahahah

  2. cute packaging!!!
    love Etude House...but hard to find here in India... :(

    1. ohh too bad. You can try gmarket for international shipping :D

  3. aaaaaw, lucu banget ce packagingnya, sepatunya bisa dicopot lagi, imut banget, asli!

  4. look like a great product and the packaging is so cute!
    will definitely go try that out ;)


  5. aww I saw this product on their promotions and the cream packaging is sooo cute ^-^* I totally love it, I'm going to buy the citrus floral one for a friend soon <3 Thanks for this review, It was really helpful :3