Monday, September 15, 2014

C.E.V Cyprus Swatch

Hello Dazzler.....
I can't hold myself to share this product with you all .. (I'm so excited)

C.E.V (Chic Elegant & Love) 
It's a Taiwan brand nail polish, but 
the ingredient and technology made in France 

One thing that catch my attention is 
So beautiful with all of the bling bling on the cap 
Yeahh I'm packaging sucker!!!

"The bling bling" cap can be put on or off.
They have 2 version of the bottle 
the one with the bling and other one 
the regular one with lain black cap.

The name and number of polish are printed 
on sticker at the bottom of bottle 


Cyprus is baby blue polish, shimmer finish. 
Quite sheer, I need 3 coats to make it opaque as in picture. 
The formula dry pretty fast 

It stated that their products not contains of 
BBP,DBP,DEHP,DNOP or any harm chemicals. 

Another specialty of this brand is 
you can customize your polish order, 
It would be a great gift idea for nail polish lovers 

Check their website here

Sadly, I'm not really sure that they have international shipping 
but in case you visit Taiwan, 
don't miss out this brand <3 <3 

What do you think? 
Would you buy this nail polish for collection?

Thank you for reading 


  1. Ahhh sukaaaa bgt unik bgt kuteksnya 0.0


  2. aaaa bling-bling cantik banget packagingnya *salah fokus*
    just follow you blog, mind to folback :)


    1. hahha nggak juga, sama aku juga jatuh cinta ama bling blingnya duluan hahahha

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