Friday, September 19, 2014

Stripe Nail Art Using QA98 Stamping Plate

Happy Friday Dazzlers <3 <3
It's weekend again. 
Today I want to do a simple stamping nail art using plate QA98  

I received this plate from Born Pretty Store 

This the swatches of the images on the paper 
The banana images are so cute, but I love 
all of the images here on this plate. 
The images also pick up very well. 

Besides QA plate, Born Pretty Store also has lots of 
variance of stamping plates, you can check 
others variance here

 So this is my simple stripe nail art
Trying to give you the picture step by step <3
First, I used Nature Republic no 04 as base
Two coats. 

2nd, preparing for sponging
I used OPI lunch at the Delhi
Etude House Play Nail #233
The Balm -Lets make a teal 
Etude House Color Pop CBL605 

3rd, I used the sponge and sponged all of the color 
randomly and wait for it to dry 
(don't worry about the mess)

4th Ready for stamping 
I usually prepare the tools near me 
I had the QA98 plate, Konad special nail polish in Black, 
cotton pad, remover bottle (I prefer to use the pump one), 
and the scrapper. 
For scrapper  I don't use the original scrapper, instead 
I use membership card or old credit card 
I used it so that it won't scratch my plate. 

5th Stamp the image 
In here I used the stripe image 

6th Final Step 
Cleaning up and put top coat 
to seal the image and make it last longer ^.^

If you like the plate you can order it here
and use code ISHX31 
for 10% off 

Another news is that Born Pretty Store 
will launch their own brand of stamping plate. 
So they have promotion event that 
you can get 1 of their stamping plate for free. 
Check the details here

Hope you like my post 
and have a great weekend 

See you on the next post 


  1. Love your mani!
    Greetings from Germany!

  2. masih gak mudeng sih cara pake stampnya :|

    1. Pakai stampnya, oleskan kutex di image trus scrap en pick the image pakai stampernya (mgkn lbh jelas kalau liat videonya di youtube) :D

  3. These are awesome nail art! :) Nice job!
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    Sammie || Bloglovin

  4. WOW. that looks amazing :)
    following you on gfc, follow back may be?