Monday, November 17, 2014

Tropical Flower Nails: Using Moyou London Tropical Collection Plate 02

Hello Dazzlers, 
Good morning, it's time to start our Monday. 
It's raining nonstop here, how's weather in your country?

Today, on my nails  

For gloomy weather, 
I really need a bright color on my nails 

I use: 
1. Cuccio Colour In the Key of Lime as base color 
2. Moyou London Tropical Collection Plate 02 
3. Konad Stamping polish in Red and Green 
4. Seche vite top coat 

Hope this bright mani 
can bright up your MONDAY too 
<3 <3 <3

Thank you for reading 


  1. pretty and perfect stamping !
    no budge at all !
    when i do the stamping, sometimes, it budge
    can you tell me some tips so i can make it as perfect as yours ?


    1. Thank you <3
      There are several reason the stamping smudge
      you might want to wait till the stamp polish completely dry before applying top coat and when you apply it just lightly brush it. Change the top coat (My fav for stamping is seche vite). I've tried the korean brand such as EtudeHouse and 3CE and both of them make the stamping smudge so I just stick to seche vite top coat for stamping. Hope this will help <3

    2. same here !!
      i used Etude House top coat too anndd it smudge :(
      i should try seche vite now

    3. thank you for the tips Anatasia