Friday, July 10, 2015

Sailormoon Nails

Hi Dazzlers, 
Who like Sailormoon? I grew up watching the animation and the manga :p 

First started with my fav white base 
Skinfood ADN01 

then I mix 
Essie Just Stitched 
Sally Hansen Violet Voltage 
Sally Hansen Bubblegum Pink 
Pony Blooming Bouquet 
Majolica BL202 
(I know quite a lot right)
and picked up my stamper and smoosh 
it on my nails 
Love the effect but the clean up is so PAINFUL 
As you can see in this my clean up is so SUCK 
(I know but I was running out of time,
It was almost time my son came back from

I stamped using hehe stamping plate 
Plate 013, 014, and 017 

Stamping polish using 
Konad Purple, Blue, and Black 
White I try Kate (drugstore brand)
(the result quite good) 

Final step 
Seche Vite Top Coat 

Hope you all like it 
and please ignore the cuticle mess :p

Thank you for visiting my blog 

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