Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nature Republic Provence Blossom Nail Kit Review

Hello, today I'm gonna review Nature Republic Provence Blossom Nail Kit, I saw this kit first time at their website, and excited about it. After waiting for 3 weeks, finally it arrived on Taiwan's counter ^.^
So let's see;

*Front box

*Back Box- giving you some of simple tutorial of how to do the simple nail art with this kit, but all in Korean.

Then I notice something unusual;
*Side of the box 
Under the recycle bin there's sign Braille for the blind

*other side of the box
If you notice, the surface of the box isn't flat, so they also put on braille for their composition, how to use, and cautions. 

*Inside. From left to right; Rose blossom , Apple Blossom, and Mandarin Blossom. Three of them in 8 ml/ 0.27fl.oz

and there is a sheet of nail sticker inside. 


Apple Blossom, milky green jelly based polish, my fav from 3 polish, it's a rare green, it's not too dark not too sheer, I need 2 coats no top coat in the picture. I took it indoor at night, so the lightning is from my desk lamp ^.^

Mandarin Blossom, milky orange jelly based polish. I kinda disappointed with this color, the formula is too runny, well 3 of them are, but I found the mandarin blossom's formula the runniest of all, that it's a bit hard to work with. It's streaky and the color is just in between, it's look dull. I was hoping it to be brighter than this. 

Rose Blossom, it's coral pink polish, also jelly based. I love this pink, it's not an usual pink, it has peachy in it, hmm yes remind me of spring hahaha.

All of the swatches I took are 2 coats of polish no top coat and taken indoor with my desk lamp as lightning source ^.^

What I love about this kit;
  1. The braille sign (well, I'm not blind but I feel that "NR" care about their customers, since customers not only for normal one... hmm you know what I mean). The braille sign just make me warm feeling that they care. 
  2. The only kit without glitter polish in it. When all of the nail kits always have glitter polish in it, this kit just NO... no glitter, all of it are jelly finished. 
  3. Bigger options to do nail art (french nails, polka nails, stickers nails, nails blocking, ombre nails, and so on) 
What I hate about this kit;
I hate the formula of this nail polish, it's too runny, it's streaky, I just wish they had the same formula with their waltz nail collection, that would be perfect. 

What do you think of this kit? would you buy it? 
Thanks for reading ^.^


  1. wak..warnanya asik banget toh..kayak permen...suka!!!

    revlon balm stainnya ga bikin kering..warnanya aslinya tahan tuh at least 6 hrs, ..tapi kalo milih warna yang pinkish undertone aja, biar stainnya di bibir pas colornya luntur ga ninggalin warna aneh..kalo yang darling kayak punyaku itu, ninggalin stain warna ungu2 gitu kayak abis makan es rasa anggur...

    1. masuk ke wishlistkuu dehh... ahhh diracun ama nancy hahahha

  2. Apple Blossom and Rose Blossom are so pretty! But Apple Blossom is my favorite <3