Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Too Cool for School Hot Girl Lip Sticker No 2 Hawaiian Flower Review

Helloooo everyone :D
Sorry for haven't post anything for my blog for several days. 
My 2 kids were sick. My daughter with her allergic and my son caught a stomach flu.... what a week!!! (Blame it on the weather!!! The weather is very unfriendly these days, hot on the daylight and cold at night). Anyway... today I'm back with review of Too Cool for School product (this is my first product from this brand) Hot Girl Lip Sticker.  

Mine is in no 2 Hawaiian Flower 

I love the slogan, I thought it's quite funny. 
Yes!!! I'm not boring hahaha :p

The back of the box. 
Since I bought it from Taiwan store counter, they just stick chinese translation on the back of the box.

The lipstick packaging.
So cute, the checker design make it look unique and outstanding <3

But..... It's small
In this picture, I roll up all of the lip product inside and that's how much you get. 


On the bullet it's look like a very dark purple pink, but when you swatch it, 
it turn on to be more pinky than dark purple. 

On my lips;
For bare lips, I use lip balm only. 
As you can see, on my lips it's turn out to be berry pink. 
and when I notice the bullet, the lipstick has slight of gold shimmer in it. ( I try to capture it with my camera, but fail miserably, sorry)

What I love about this product;
  1. The texture; It's something in between, It's glide smoothly on my lips but not too creamy (like buttery cream or looks like the bullet gonna melt in hot weather). It dries not too matte and not too glossy. 
  2. It long lasting (That's why they call it lip sticker). The color 'stick' on your lips for quite long time. When you have big eat or drink, the pink color will slightly gone, but it leave stain on your lips. 
  3. It has a slight scent of sweet candy (just a slight not a strong scent)
  4. It not drying up my lips (but I used lip balm before it)
The cons;
  1. The price!!! I bought it from the counter for 400 NT up (I forget the exact price), but that price for 2.45 gr of lipstick.  
Have you tried Too Cool for School brand before? 
Thanks for reading <3


  1. belom pernah ee coba brand ini, tapi liat2 dari review tmn2 packagingnya lucu2, warna di sticknya lumayan beda ya sama hasil swatchnya, bagusan yg dibibir hihi :D

    GWS for your kiddo ^^

  2. The colour is so cute, but the price... I love the packaging

    1. Definitely, the price is a bit.... (or maybe because it's counter price) since I found online shop gave lots of cheaper deals

  3. nice color
    following you hope you will do the same

    1. I've visited your blog and I'm hooked <3
      Following you too ^.^

  4. Thanks for sharing.
    I will buy one for my girlfriend.