Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jealousness Classic Eye Palette Swatch and Review

Hello Dazzlers 
I guess all of you know The Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay. It's like the holy grail palette for people who love natural eye make up. When I was back to Indonesia, I used my sis (She bought one) and I love it.... really loveee it and put it in my "wish list" fought that I would get that one for xmas or birthday gift since the price is around $50 (not cheap)  

but.... then I found 

Jealousness Classic 
Eye Palette 

What do you think?
The casing is so look a like 

and inside..... 12 eye shadows 
The brush is not the best but it's soft and very decent. 
It's really dupe of The Naked Palette 
Jealousness is Taiwan brand make up 

Swatch on my hand

12 eye colors- 2 matte and 10 shimmer 
all of it are so pigmented and long wear 

I use Canmake eyeshadow base 
then cream all over eyelid 
champaign on half front eye and latte at the end 

I use Champaign for under eye 
(I really love champaign and latte for under eye shadow- so beautiful)

I really love this eye palette 
The color payoff really well, it's so pigmented 
and long lasting. 
even tough the casing really look a like 
but this one feel cheap with this steel plastic casing 
and I found the opening of the casing not as smooth as The Naked one 
but  it's OK since the price difference really far 

I bought this one at Taipei beauty and nail expo
for 700 NTD 
I got this eye palette and 1 pencil eyeliner 
Really a bargain 
so I can't complain much about the casing :p

And it might hard to get this palette 
since I don't see it on store 
so they might sell it online only 
and too bad no International Shipping 

This is their company website

Thank you for reading 
See you on next post 


  1. Ohh my this looks like a wonderful dupe for the Naked palette! :3


  2. omg..!! this is surely a nice dupe..!! it also that pigmented yeah...

    1. Yes the color variation and pigmentation are so good.

  3. OMG~
    Neve heard this brand before, but is really good dupe for naked.


    1. This brand is from Taiwan, too bad that this palette so hard to get on store

  4. OMG I LOVE it!


  5. Oh I like the colors so much! I just hope there would be less glitter! :(