Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day Nails

Mother's day is coming this weekend, so in this special occasion I want to draw my family on my nails. Well not actually freehand drawing (I'm not that good). I used water decal or nail tattoo on this nail. I feel so fun using this kind of water decal ( here my nails decal haul )- well my collections also growing after that. I can cut and stick it on my nail, reminds me of my childhood age when I used to have stickers albums and stick all of my stickers collection in it.

Today I came up with this nails

The thumb represents I love my Mom, well I sometimes talked back or fought with my mom, but  I LOVE HER very much ^.^
The middle and ring finger represents my little family now, I have a loving husband, and a son and a daughter. For the flowers and butterflies... I love BUTTERFLIES ( I collect things with butterflies on it - wallet, necklace, ring, cosmetic pouch, etc)

What I used;
1. Thumb I used OPI You're such a budapest as a based (2 coats)
2. Index and little Finger OPI Alpine Snow (2coats)
3. Middle Finger OPI What's with cattitude (2coats) then stamp the cloud using Konad M79 plate and use Konad special polish in white
4. Ring finger; OPI Steady as she rose (2coats) then stamp the polkadot using Konad M79 plate and konad special polish in white
5. All of drawing are using nails water decal or nail tattoos.
6. Seche Vite for final touch!!

What do you think?
Happy Mother's day! and hands up if you love your Mom and family ^.^

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