Thursday, August 29, 2013

3CE Glam Cream Shadow #Golden Nude Review

Seem like I can't get enough of 3CE products. I adore this brand :D
Since I like my L'oreal Color Infaillible so much, when I saw that 3CE also has kinda same product, I put my order.
3 Concept Eyes 
Glam Cream Shadow in Golden nude

Surprise.... the jar is from glass not from plastic but it's quite heavy. 
The cream shadow contain is 5 gr (it's more than L'oreal which is 3.5 gr)

Golden Nude is golden beige color 

Swatch on my eyes 

I didn't use eye primer, but I apply #sparkling (eye shadow from Ice Cream Kit ) over the cream shadow (Just my habit so it won't creasing). I applied the cream shadow with my finger. I didn't use brush.

I don't have any complain with this product. I LOVE  it. 
What I love about this; 
1. It's so creamy and easy to blend (creamier than the L'oreal)
2. So pigmented
3. Last long (it's not creasing on my eyelid, noted I don't have oily eyelids)
4. They have 5 color variance, but all are in natural or nude brown side
5. No scent at all.
6. The price... ( I forgot the exact price), but I got it since it's on sale and I believe it's under 100,000 IDR. 

I would recommend this cream shadow for people who like natural, easy, and quick eye make up, since the shadow so easy to blend. Just one layer, blend it with your finger, add eyeliner (optional) and mascara, basically you're good to go for eye make up. 

Do you also like using cream shadow like this?
Thank you for reading ^.^    

Monday, August 26, 2013

Anna Sui Rose Ring Rouge in 302 Review

Hello Monday......
I don't know why, but I always feel so tired and lazy on Monday...... 
but today I'm so excited cause I want to share this product Anna Sui Rose Ring Rouge #302. 
The box is really beautiful (plus it's butterfly and rose). 

I was back and forth with this product for a month. When I saw the advertisement with number 400, it look so pretty, but I was a bit concern with the price. It's quite expensive. I bought it from Anna Sui counter (Taiwan) for 970 NT (more expensive than YSL lipstick).

I finally bought it. 
I was searching a reason for me to buy this product.... Ohhh ana you should buy it cause #400 name is Anna red. It's got your name on it (that's my reason :p) 

The back of the box (directions for use)
and Made in Japan

But why I bought #302? 
The name is only for advertisement. There are no name stamp on the product or on the box. They only stamp the number on the product. (a bit dissapointed)

I think the ring is made from acrylic. 
The ring is so big. I love the purple jewel look like with the black rose border. 
The packaging and the ring really look expensive 
(well yes it's expensive)

The product inside

It's pink with silver and gold glitter 


I put lip balm on my bare lips 
and one layer, I use my finger to apply the rouge on my lips.
It has a strong delicate rose scent (the rose scent that all of Anna Sui's product have).

even though It has glitter in it, but when you applied it on your lips, the glitter and pink blend together, giving you such as nice glossy pink (not leaving your lips with too much chunky glitter). Making your lips look so moisture. 

My impression about this product;
1. I love the packaging 
2. I love how moisture it feels on my lips 
3. I love the strong rose scent 
4. I love the color
5. It last quite long on my lips 

What I don't like;
is the price....... it's super duper expensive 1 gr for 970 NT

What do you think? 
Have you seen this Rose Ring Rouge?
Thank you for reading <3

Monday, August 19, 2013

Etude House Vivid Pop Stick No 6 Girls on Top Review

Hellooo, today I want to share Etude House Vivid Pop Stick No 6 (Girls on Top)
No 6

The stick is quite CHUBBY...
I love the lips design on the stick. 
The cap is made from plastic and make 'pop' sound when you open it. 

Sorry for the bare lips pic, I think it's because of the lightning, my lips look darker. Anyway, No 6 color is pinky coral. With this stick you can build up the vividness of the color. 1 layer is quite ok, I have slight pinky color on my lips, but I think I want more vividness, so I adding up 2 layer.

And finally I added more layer. 3 layers of matte pop stick. 
It feels a bit heavy since the formula is a bit dry (maybe because is matte formula), so as a result you can see on my lips the dryness and lip lines and wrinkle.

Honestly, after I tried this stick on my lips, I'm a bit disappointed with the formula. 
I love the pinky coral color, but I think the pigmentation not too good and the formula is super dry, and it's not long lasting (at least on me) or might be because I choose a bit nude color. 
Good thing about this chubby stick is it has no scent and auto so you don't need sharpener. 
Would I go and try other colors? NO 

*Me ^.^
Well I love the color on my face, but the drying formula just.... mehhhh 

Have you tried this product?
What do you think?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Neon Leopard Nail Art

Just a quick post of my weekend nails ^.^
I caught a cold and sore throat this week.... T.T , so miserable....
Anyway this my nail over weekend

What I used: 
1. Sally Hansen Hard as nails as base coat 
2. OPI Alpine snow as white based 
3. Neon polish (Pink, Green, Yellow, and Purple) I used Skinfood Junglefruits nail polish collection. 
4. As always finish it up with Seche a vote top coat. 

How was your weekend? 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Etude House Color Pop Nail Polish Review and Swatches #CGR Green Collection

Hellooo, can't believe it's August already, before summer is end, I finally completed my Etude House Color Pop Nail Polish Collection ^.^

1 coat 

2 coat 

CGR701-2coat no top coat
Yellow green polish

It's also Yellow green polish, but more on green side rather than CGR701 which has more yellow in it.

CGR703- 2 coat no top coat
Soft pastel green polish

This is the most frustrating polish for me. 
The color is seriously pretty, my fav from the bunch, but when I photographed it, the color just not like in the real life (sorry for my amateur technique!!!!)

In the photo, it seems like it's one shade darker than CGR703, but it's not. 
In real life, this green color is a bright green polish almost like a neon green.

For comparison;
Photo on the left I took from Etude House website and on the right is my own photograph. 
See how the color is so different ( I think it's 'cause of my poor photograph technique). 
In the real life CGR704 is almost the same color with the photo I took from Etude House, but in the picture it's look creamy and dull, but in the real life it's not.
This color is such a pretty bright Green. 
You have to swatch it on your nail to understand what I mean ^.^

Soft baby blue polish

What I love about Color Pop Collection is they're popping and vivid colors, and if you're so into ombre nails. This collection is perfect, they have 10 polish and divided to 2, green version or blue version. 

I don't know if it's only my polish or all of them has the same problem. I found out that the green polish formula a a bit thicker than the blue one. For me CGR701 and CGR702 are the most difficult to work with. The formula a bit thicker and streaky, even though it can be even out on second layer. 

What do you think? Are you Green team or Blue team? 

Thank you for reading ^.^
<3 <3  

Thursday, August 8, 2013

SKINFOOD JUNGLE FRUITS Real Fresh Multi Juice REVIEW #4 Orange

I seem can't get enough with Skinfood jungle fruits collection. I love the packaging and the products also quite surprisingly amazing ^.^
So today I want to review this multi juice from Skinfood

The difference between this and Real Fresh Tint is this multi juice can be used as liptick, eye shadow, and blush on,  and has more color choices, while real fresh tint only limited as lipstick or lip tint. 

Mine is no 4 ORANGE, the brush applicator is the same with real fresh tint.

With and without Flash photo. 
Even though it's called Orange, but this has red in it, very warm color.

Wow!!!! this color and texture is A-Ha-mazing. I only put one layer of this. It's so vivid and pigmented.
The texture of this multi juice is more creamier than real fresh tint. Staying power is quite good.

So I also try use it as a blush. In this picture I only use 1 layer of Dr Jart Gold Label BB cream, no powder and no concealer. 
Dab a little and blend it on my cheek. It feel so creamy, easy to blend, not sticky and stay there for the rest of the day ^.^
It feel like it's your natural cheek colors. 

Using it as eye shadow. I  Love this!!!! 
The color turn out so good for eye shadow. It's not sticky, easy to blend, and no crease. 

Overall, I really like this product, I like it more than Real Fresh Tint
You have one product but can do 3 function, I think it's quite handy for traveling too or carrying it around in our cosmetic pouch for touch up ^.^
My advice, If you don't dare to put such as vivid colors on your lips, you still can use it by dabbing it on your lips. For blush on and eye shadow usage, it's better if you put the products on the back of your hand and dab a little on your cheek and eyes. This color is so vivid and pigmented so be careful, otherwise you'll put too much and gonna look like you're drunk or being slapped on your face T.T

Thank you for reading <3

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fake Korean Cosmetics. Beware!!!

Just a quick post.  Recently, I found out people in facebook's group I joined share some fake Korean Cosmetics photos and I've been arguing to myself whether to make a blog post about it or not. After arguing with myself few days, I decided to make a post about it. 

*This photo is not mine. 
Please visit her, she has a nice blog ^.^

For another fake Korean cosmetics photos please go to 
She has compilation album of real vs fake Korean Cosmetics photos

This kinda shock to me. I never imagine that "they" would make fake version of Korean cosmetics. I've heard fake version of MAC, Lancome, Dior, O.P.I, but never of Korean brand. This is so sad.
For all of you, who are addict to Korean Cosmetics like I do, please beware and be careful. 
Hope my post will help. 
Thank you for reading. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Hello.... today I'm gonna review these lip tint from Skinfood, from their new Jungle Fruits Collection. There are 3 colors for these tint No 1 Tomato , No 2 Mandarine, and No 3 Pink Grapefruit, but I only bought No 2 and 3.

The Front and back packaging
I love the jungle fruits theme design. 
Feel like in tropical country and ready for holidays ^.^
The details in packaging are all in Korean, no English.

Tint bottle (so cuteeeee) 
The cap is from plastic and the half bottom are made from acrylic (not sure), 
but they make it transparent, make it easier to see the color of the tint. 
When I smell the bottle, I can smell fruity scent, not a strong scent. 
The smell quite nice. My daughter said "wow it smell so good" 

The applicator is just the usual small applicator, nothing special. 

The swatches; 
*On back of my hand, with & without flash

No 2 Mandarine 
Orange tint. 
This tint has glossy finish and the color quite pigmented. I only put 1 layer on every swatches here. 
Glossy finish but non sticky 

No 3 Pink Grapefruit
I love thisss PINK (don't blame me, I'm PINK LOVER!!!) 
I just don't get it why they named it Pink Grapefruit ( I thought grapefruit color is Orange not PINK)
while this one is so pretty milky pink.
(I think they might be just named the product with the name of tropical fruits to match the name of the collection "Jungle Fruits" hmmm)

I really don't have much complain about this products. 
I usually don't use tint. This tint quite amazed me. It has NON sticky glossy finish, vivid colors, and the colors stay really long. Don't have problem with chapped lips when I use this tint.

One problem I have with this tint is that, the glossy effect didn't last long and for no 3 tint, the color is changing on my lips.

This what I mean;

If you see this picture, you can see, when I just applied the tint, the glossy effect and pink colors so pretty, but after a while (less than 1 hour), the glossy effect slowly faded and it became kinda matte, and  the pink color also slowly changed to a bit more darker pink (or I can just say turn to soft red- on my lips). 
No 2, the glossy effect also the same with no 3 and the orange colors slowly tamed down, not changed drastically like no 3. 

BUT I LOVE how this tint turn out at the end of the day. 
I mean, after a while the colors just settle on your lips, no glossy effect
Make your lips look natural. 

I think this tint is so perfect for people who want to try a vivid colors lipstick, but don't have a gut to try the "BAM" colors on their lips.

What do you think? Which color do you like? 
Thank you for reading ^.^