Thursday, August 29, 2013

3CE Glam Cream Shadow #Golden Nude Review

Seem like I can't get enough of 3CE products. I adore this brand :D
Since I like my L'oreal Color Infaillible so much, when I saw that 3CE also has kinda same product, I put my order.
3 Concept Eyes 
Glam Cream Shadow in Golden nude

Surprise.... the jar is from glass not from plastic but it's quite heavy. 
The cream shadow contain is 5 gr (it's more than L'oreal which is 3.5 gr)

Golden Nude is golden beige color 

Swatch on my eyes 

I didn't use eye primer, but I apply #sparkling (eye shadow from Ice Cream Kit ) over the cream shadow (Just my habit so it won't creasing). I applied the cream shadow with my finger. I didn't use brush.

I don't have any complain with this product. I LOVE  it. 
What I love about this; 
1. It's so creamy and easy to blend (creamier than the L'oreal)
2. So pigmented
3. Last long (it's not creasing on my eyelid, noted I don't have oily eyelids)
4. They have 5 color variance, but all are in natural or nude brown side
5. No scent at all.
6. The price... ( I forgot the exact price), but I got it since it's on sale and I believe it's under 100,000 IDR. 

I would recommend this cream shadow for people who like natural, easy, and quick eye make up, since the shadow so easy to blend. Just one layer, blend it with your finger, add eyeliner (optional) and mascara, basically you're good to go for eye make up. 

Do you also like using cream shadow like this?
Thank you for reading ^.^    


  1. Beautiful!! The shadow looks wonderful on your skin! <3 #gigbloggers

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  2. This shadow looks really good on you!
    Btw you have amazing skin and I really like your eyebrows ><

  3. ikut ter-racuni sama 3ce, lip pigment nya juga bagus dikamu >.<
    btw, mirip color tattoo ya hihihi

    1. hihihih iya kayaknya mirip ama color tattoo. Tapi di taiwan belum masuk T.T
      Sept balik indo mau nyobain color tattoo, banyak yg bilang bagus <3

  4. Nice color! It looks good on you. :)
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  6. I love your blog Anatasia, it's gorgeous! I have never tried cream eyeshadow before but it looks very pretty on you. Thank you for sharing! Oh btw, I am a new follower.

    I would also like to invite you to enter my glamour kisses giveaway

    ❤ Crystal Michelle

  7. Such a beautiful colour, looks gorgeous on you!

  8. Replies
    1. Yes, I really love the color and the pigmentation <3

  9. Such a nice colour!

    Love your blog, now following you!