Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Make your own Nail Decal Tutorial

Last week was.... urghhh stormy week,  raining for several days T.T
So I did some experiment with my stamping tools ^.^ - Making your own nail decal using your stamping nail tools. 

Basically all you needs are;
1. Top coat or clear polish
2. Nail polish remover and cotton
3. Tweezer
4. Scrapper and stamp tools (in here I used membership card (as thick as credit card)
5. Konad special nail polish (but you can use nail polish or acrylic paint)
6. Dotting tool ( or you can use detail brush or toothpick)
7. Stamping plate

There are so many technique out there, on google or youtube, I just chose the one that I thing is easier :p , so here we go

  1. Stamp the design you want (I use Konad M53) then wait 'till it's completely dry
  2. Then, just coloring the gap as you like (you can use dotting tools, or toothpick or detail brush) with well in here I use Konad special nail polish (but you can use other nail polish or acrylic paints), after that wait till it's dry and add a layer of top coat on top of the design. Wait 'till it's dry.
  3. After that peel the image with the tweezer (or you can use your finger but I feel the tip of the tweezer make it easier to work with rather than our finger), stick the design on your nail (but your nail polish must be in a bit sticky and tacky condition) Finally just add a layer of top coat to seal them. 

My result;

Making this decal are so time consuming, but I think it make stamping design prettier ^.^
What do you think?
Thank you for reading <3



  1. Great post they look amazing!
    Meg xx (new follower)

  2. This is really cool ><
    Didn't know people used stamps to do nail art!

    1. yes, the stamps and the image make it easier to do nail art, if we suck at free hand nail art (just like me :p)
      Since I found Konad stamping nails I really fell in love with nail art and addicted <3

  3. wah dapat ilmu baru, baru tau bisa diwarnain begitu jadi ngag perlu buru2 nempel ke kuku deh
    thanksss for sharing :D

    1. Your welcome ^.^
      Aku juga baru tahu minggu lalu waktu browsing instagram hehehe

  4. These look amazing! Your blogs really cool, followed you :) please may you have a look at my blog?

  5. thank you for posting this useful tutorial <3
    would you mind to follow each other? :)