Friday, February 28, 2014

3CE Creamy Lip Color Review #5 Dazzling

It's been so long since my last post, seem like time fly so fast.... been busy dealing with my document paper (staying visa, passport, etc) T.T
Anyway, today I want to write review about my fav brand 3CE Creamy Lip Color 

When I saw the advertisement pic on their website, I'm so excited. 
Hoping that it's their lipstick version of their Jumbo Lip Crayon. 

The side of the box, one side has details written in Korean 
and others side the number and the name of the lipstick

The lip color on the tube (maybe because of the light) look more beige, 
in real life it's more on pink side. 
On their web they stated that this collection has;
- Texture that gently melts 
- Essence Lip Color (Argan Oil, Cupuacu Butter, etc)
- Rich and vivid color 

Swatch on my hand, 
one swipe, no flash, natural light indoor. 

Swatch on my Lips
#5 Dazzling 
I love the name!!! First reason I bought this color is because of the name. 
and the color is pretty. It's pink beige. 
It almost the same color with my bare lips, but when I used this color, 
my lips looks more fresh and healthier 

What I love about it;
- The lipstick has no scent or weird taste
- Super Duper Moisture, feel like using balm 
- It's give your lips a bit glossy look (not too much) and not sticky at all
- Reasonable price. I got mine @420 NT (bought it from Xiao san Mei ri ) but for international shipping you can check their official website here )
- Quite lots of color range to try (12 shades in total)

To wrap up, I'm so satisfied with this product. Oh one point, this lipstick it's not long lasting, you'll have to retouch it after 2 or 3 hours and will completely gone after your meal, but I'm ok with it, since    the point of this lipstick is the moist feeling ^.^

*This picture taken from their web

So many color that I'm eying on (such as Zoom in, Joyce, Zazzy Pink, Ladi Dadi, Kitch Biker, Me Me)  -waiting for more sale before buy some more :P 
The last time I check there are lots of colors already sold out. 

What do you think of this collection? 

Thank you for reading 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Skinfood My Short Cake Lip #OR01 Review

Finally.... my first post in February :P
Been so busy with Chinese new years holiday and stuff, so here I back with new review <3

Mine is OR01 and the bullet has My short cake and lace pattern crave on it. (Just the same pattern like outside the bullet) 

*This photo from Taiwan Skinfood Facebook
So basically this lip line concept, you can choose the casing of lipstick, that's why they also call it DIY lip, since you can change the casing. They have 5 choices of lip colors and 5 different lip casing.   They sell it separately.  

Swatch on my hand
Peachy coral color 

Swatch on my lips 
eekkk. This is so weird. The first time I used it, the formula just not right. It's so dry
as you can see, it chapped all over my lips 

This my second attempt, far better (but I applied lots of lip balm under)

I do love the color, unfortunately I hate the formula, it's not moist enough for me. 
The casing might look from the paper box, but it quite sturdy. Glad that they sell the casing and lipstick separately. 
Last, just like other skinfood Lip products, this one also has scent on it, kind a fruity scent, not too strong, but sure noticeable 

Have you tried this lipstick before? 
Would you interested with the changing lip casing idea? (kinda remind me of changing our phone's casing :p  ) 

Thank you for reading