Monday, December 30, 2013

Pink New Year Nails

2 last days of 2013… starting to write my new year's resolution :p
Anyway, since I'm so busy with 2 kids (never thought being a housewife can be so tiring T^T), I came up with a very simple but glamorous nails for new years eve (it can be done less than 30 minutes)

so here is my nails for new year 

What I use:
1. OPI Pink-ing of you (2 coats as pink base color)
2. OPI More than a glimmer

So simple and easy to do right?
Wish you all have a perfect day to close 2013 and starting fresh for 2014 <3 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Top 5 Favorite Red Polishes for Holiday Seasons

X'mas is cominggg!!!
I always excited for this holiday season. X'mas song everywhere and x'mas decoration all over the city, it just make me so happy <3 
For this holiday season I usually wear RED polish on my nails. I feel Red color is so prefect for this season. 
Here are some of my favorite RED polishes 

Cuccio- Manhattan Mayhem 
This gorgeous red glitter nail polish 
(the glitter is medium size, not too chunky)

Anna Sui - 470 
Bright Red and very glossy
I adore the bottle <3 

Etude House-Minnie Collection #1
Cherry Red 

OPI The Impossible 
Red texture nail polish what make it special is the star in it ^.^

OPI The Show Must Go On!
Gold shimmer red polish 
so bright and pretty <3

If you don't have time, or too lazy to do nail art, just paint your nails in RED
It will brighten up your skin
a little effort for best result ^.^ 

What's your favorite RED nail polish? 
or do you have favorite colors for this holiday season? 



Saturday, December 7, 2013

MARCH Nail Lacquer #MM-005 and # MH015 SWATCHES

MARCH is brand from Hong Kong (that's all I know) :P
Recently, I see lots of Taiwan online shop selling this brand, … not gonna lie… I love the packaging, so I put my orders

See…. It's so cute, little chubby with ribbon
The ribbon part can be taken off. 

It came with a box

List of ingredients 


MH-015 (2coats no top coat)
It's army green polish, creme finish, no shimmer. 
The formula a bit thicker, I had difficulty to spread the color.

MM-005 (2 coats no top coat)
Lilac purple color. 
I have no problem with the formula for this one, weird. 
The formula just fine. 
I really love this color, feel so romantic and feminime <3 <3

Bought those 2 at online shop for 129 NT each. 
(Not gonna mention the online shop name, 'cause the service so bad, definitely not gonna order from them again!!!) 

Have you ever tried this brand?
What do you think?
Thanks for reading 


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Etude House Play Nail #16 Swatch

This year Etude House really blow me away with their collection, and they have such a pretty and wide new range of nail collections. Recently they released Play nail collection with total of 130 colors of nail polishes. 100 colors of creme polish and 30 colors of shimmer and glitter polishes. For nail lovers like me… this collection is so huge and tempting. Check out the color list of polishes here.

Anyway, my sister bought #16 as her Korean gift to me;

one coat
So pigmented

two coats
The color is more intense (love 2 coats more, I think it just my habit)

The formula is perfect, not too runny or thick, dry fast. 
The price also very affordable. 
I really adore this kind of pink. It's NEON pink. 
I guess my sis really know me :p

I eyeing some of other colors, but I'll wait for more sale ^.^
Have you seen Etude House Play Nail Collection? 
What color do you want to buy?

Thank you for reading. 
C ya'll soon 


Saturday, November 30, 2013

Anna Sui x Minnie Mouse Nail Color Holiday Collection Swatches

It's been long time since my last post :p
So excited with this collection. At first I only got 2 of it (I asked my sis to buy it for me when she went to Korea). I think Korea got this collection before Taiwan. This collection available in Korea at the end of October, while in Taiwan, I have to wait till 15th November. (Korea ROCKS!!! Really wanna visit there someday). Anyway.... here's the collection after I completed all.

From left to right
001 Stardust Silver, 002 Snow White, 200 Midnight Purple 
300 Neon Pink, 400 Passion Red 

I really love the bottle, even the packaging box. 
The Minnie Mouse wearing Rose dress, super duper cute. 

001 STARDUST SILVER (2 coats)
A simple silver glitter with transparent base

002 SNOW WHITE (2 coats)
The sheerest shade from all of the collection

Picture below SNOW WHITE with 3 coats 

A sheer white with glints of glitter, kinda pretty if you're into nude colors.

Dark Purple with beautiful shimmer.
It's my favorite from the bunch

I think the name is so misleading. It's bright pink, 
in my opinion it's not neon (bright) enough to call it NEON PINK. 
Hate the name, but the color still pretty though. 
Bright pink with blueish shimmer. 

This one only 1 coat with 3 coats of SNOW WHITE as base color. 
Honestly, I kinda disappointed with the glitter. It's just too simple, nothing new
nothing extraordinary, plain boring. 
Comparing it with Etude House Minnie Collection nail polish.....
They did better job with the glitter nail polish collection. 


Honestly I bought all of the collection 'cause of the bottle packaging. It's so cute (I think), but the color collection is just simply boring, lots of dupes with cheaper price. 

What do you think? 
Would you put this collection as your X'mas Wishlist? 
Happy Weekend  

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Etude House Don't Worry Hand Cream Review

Etude House once again blow me away with their new Don't Worry Hand Cream Collection.  There are 4 scents of hand cream in this collection.
*I took this pic from Taiwan Etude House website*

I picked 2 scents from this collection

The Ingredients detail 

It's fine- All is well 
Super Duper cute. 
You can take off the shoes and put it back on. 
My daughter loves it so much, she likes to play with the shoes. 
This hand cream has Citrus Floral Fragrance 

You Did It- Almost There 
This one has Floral Musky Fragrance. 

The cream constitency
The formula is a bit sticky when you first apply it on your hands, but don't worry, it absorb really quick. 
You definitely can smell the fragrance of the hand cream, but it's not over powering scent. 
I mean it's not too strong (the kind of smell that too strong that gonna give you headache)
My favorite scent is It's fine-all is well. 
I found that it's citrus floral scent make me relax. Love the scent!

The idea of this hand cream is to give you encouragement and spirit. 
I think it would be a great gifts for someone else (friends,sisters, GF,BF,etc) or for ourself :P
I like to put mine on my working table <3

This collection also came in lip balm. 

What do you think of a Messaging Beauty Product?
Do you like it like I do?

Thanks for reading 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Etude House Minnie Collection Nail Polish Review and Swatches

Hi hi hi
Etude House is back again with their new collection. This time is Minnie Collection. What I bought from this collection;

2 nails glitter (no 3 and 4), Nail polish no 1,2,3,4 

Nail glitter No 3
Pink Minnie head, circle and ribbon

Nail Glitter no 4 
Silver Minnie head, circle, and ribbon


No 1
This one is one coat only 
(so pigmented!!!)

No 1 (2 coat no top coat)
Cherry Red polish 

No 1 (2 coats no top coat)
The red that fits to any season and occasion ^.^

No 2 (one coat) 

No 2 (2 coats no top coat)
Coral pink polish 

No 2 + No 3 

No 2 + No 3

No 2 + No 4

No 2 + No 4

Overall, I love this collection, My favorite color is No 2+ 3 together (cuteness overload <3 <3 <3 ) 
Formula is great, so pigmented, dry very quickly, affordable price. 

My sister bought this collection for me from Korea 
nail polish is 8 ml for 3,000 Won and nail glitter is 2,500 Won 

Hope this collection also available in Taiwan soon, I need to get no 5 and 6 (they are so cute too!!!) 

What do you think of this collection? Yay or Nay? 
Thank you for reading