Saturday, December 7, 2013

MARCH Nail Lacquer #MM-005 and # MH015 SWATCHES

MARCH is brand from Hong Kong (that's all I know) :P
Recently, I see lots of Taiwan online shop selling this brand, … not gonna lie… I love the packaging, so I put my orders

See…. It's so cute, little chubby with ribbon
The ribbon part can be taken off. 

It came with a box

List of ingredients 


MH-015 (2coats no top coat)
It's army green polish, creme finish, no shimmer. 
The formula a bit thicker, I had difficulty to spread the color.

MM-005 (2 coats no top coat)
Lilac purple color. 
I have no problem with the formula for this one, weird. 
The formula just fine. 
I really love this color, feel so romantic and feminime <3 <3

Bought those 2 at online shop for 129 NT each. 
(Not gonna mention the online shop name, 'cause the service so bad, definitely not gonna order from them again!!!) 

Have you ever tried this brand?
What do you think?
Thanks for reading 



  1. oh my goodness.. super cute!!!lilac purple color is pretty..likey!
    thanks for a nice comment on my blog!xx

  2. I am seriously in love with the Lilac purple color ♥ The bow add such a nice cutesy design to the nail polish ♥

    - Mango ♥

    1. Me too, the lilac one looks so cute and girly <3

  3. Love the purple one! The packaging is cute too ♥

    I nominated your for this Liebster award :)

  4. omg that packaging is soo adorable!!
    i love the bowss ahh <3
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  5. The packaging is so adorable!!! :)

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    Hope you join! ^^

  6. already answered your question...=D thanks for participating...good luck!xx