Sunday, September 21, 2014

Raining Nail Art

It's raining so hard today in here
so today I came out with this design plus I want to join the Sally Hansen Indonesia nail challenge with 'Rainy Season' theme. 

So these my nails 

What I use: 
1. Cuccio Chicago Winds as base color (2 coats)- The formula is so runny it's driving me crazy!!!
2. Stamp with CICI&SISI 9 plate for white rain base 
3. Cloud - CICI&SISI 07
4. The birdie on my middle finger CICI&SISI 02 
5. The Umbrella CICI&SISI 08 

Even tough it's raining day, it can be a fine happy rainy day too ^.^
How bout you? 
Do you hate rainy days?

Thank you for coming by
See you on next post 



  1. Your nails are Too cute. Can you call them 颱風式? Hahaha
    So if you're in Taiwan, you must be in the south cause here in Taipei the rain only really started this evening. Still going. But meh, not really "typhoon"level if you ask me.

    1. Hi hi I'm in Taoyuan County- huilong for exact ^.^
      Yeap the rain started on evening and getting bigger at night. Fortunately the wind is not that strong

  2. This look so cute !!! :D You are really talented :)
    I love the first and second! Beautiful choices :)
    Would you like to follow each other ? Let me know and I will follow you back! :)
    Let´s keep in touch <3