Friday, April 11, 2014

Skinfood Queen's Baking Choco Smoky Creamy Lip Swatch and Review

Color of this year (2014) is Radiant Orchid.... yes, and I finally found that purple pink lippie that suit me.

The first time I saw this, I'm a bit reluctant to buy it, since I don't like 
lip product in Jar (I don't like poke my finger on it and put it on my lips)

But... they have brush attach at the bottom of the jar (GENIUS!!!)
Love the jar design, even tough its make it bulky, I love the idea of the attaching brush <3
and most of all.... the color is so beautiful, Purply pink color, cool undertone, not too purple not too pinky, just something in between. 

Swatch on my hand

 Swatch on my lips
First I tried to use my finger, the fastest way, the texture so creamy, and easy to apply, and
it will be more precise, and clean with brush. 
It's not super moist, but moist enough to make our lips smoother  
The brush quality not the best but it's decent enough to do its job.

What I Really love about this product;
1. Brush design at the bottom of the jar 
2. The scent (it has flowery scent but not too strong)
3.  The creamy texture

What do you think? 
Do you also love the orchid purple color?
I think this color almost similar with MAC Amp the up 

Thank you for Reading