Saturday, April 27, 2013

3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Lip Pigment Review

Hello, today I'm gonna review about this fun and amazing lip pigment from 3 Concept Eyes (3CE)- it's Korean brand cosmetics. At first I didn't know about this brand or the creator or anything about it, but since I'm watching too much youtube... and their advertisement always appear on the small windows, so I checked it out, but I think the price is quite expensive so I just closed it down.
Last week, my favorite online shop in Taiwan also has this brand and on sale (I got mine @ 399 NT), so I decided to buy some ^.^
I bought 3 lip pigments; #Electro pop, #Wild Yellow, and #Modern Yellow

I LOVE this lip color. Bright pink with blue tone in it, it's so pigmented. The color on the packaging almost the same with the lip color inside, just like I expected ^.^  
The texture is like watercolor paint, make it easy to blend

*Back packaging, too bad it's don't have english translation. 

 My Bare lips 

*Trying Wild Yellow on my lips 

I saw on their website and youtube that you can mix the lip pigment color, and it's the fun of it, there are 7 choices of lip pigments and they also give you some of idea of how to mix it. Check it here. So basically you can create your own color of lipstick the way you want. Make me feel like I am the professional Make up artist hahah. How cool is that???? 

I'm trying to mix #Wild yellow and #Electro Pop. I'm using back of my hand and apply it with lip brush. Wild yellow + electro pop = Bright coral pink, I loveee the colorrrr!!!

Then I'm trying #Electro pop + #Modern White ;

What I love about this product; 
1. It's so pigmented, easy to blend 
2. Don't have scent in it, so for scent sensitive person, this lip pigments are good!!!
3. Don't dry out my lips 
4. Long lasting, barely need touch up 

What I don't like;
Hmmm there are not really a thing that I don't like about this product. No english translation might be? but I don't think that's a problem since they give enough information of how to use it on their website and youtube( click here for how to use lip pigment ). I'm really satisfied with this product. Rating it 5 out of 5. Just a little advice, shake it before using it ^.^

Thanks for reading.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Polka Stripe Nails

Yay TGIF!!! It's been a busy week, this week.
Since today is Friday, gonna make a quick post about my weekend nails

What I used;
1. OPI nail envy as base coat 
2. OPI Fly 
3. OPI Shorts story
4. Essie Beyond Cozy (I really fall in love with this color)
5. Silver nail art brush (mine is First Kiss)
6. For polkadot I use dotting tools and Nature Republic in BL503- pale blue 
7. Finally Seche Vite top coat 

Happy weekend!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013

Lee Hi- Rose inspired Nail

Recently, I love listening to Lee Hi (Korean Singer) "Rose". This is the link of her MV Lee Hi ROSE M/V and this is my nail, inspired by her M/V and song 

I use: 
1. Thumb, middle and little finger I use China Glaze as base. 
2. Lee Hi letter and rose on my thumb is water decal (nail tattoo) 
3. Index finger and ring finger I use 2 coats of  OPI Kyoto Pearl + 1 coat of OPI Happy Anniversary then I stamp the black rose with KONAD M65
4. Middle and little finger, first I use KONAD m89 (white) then stamp red roses using KONAD M65
5. Finally seche vite top coat. 

What song do you listening to lately? 
Thank you for reading. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nature Republic Provence Blossom Nail Kit Review

Hello, today I'm gonna review Nature Republic Provence Blossom Nail Kit, I saw this kit first time at their website, and excited about it. After waiting for 3 weeks, finally it arrived on Taiwan's counter ^.^
So let's see;

*Front box

*Back Box- giving you some of simple tutorial of how to do the simple nail art with this kit, but all in Korean.

Then I notice something unusual;
*Side of the box 
Under the recycle bin there's sign Braille for the blind

*other side of the box
If you notice, the surface of the box isn't flat, so they also put on braille for their composition, how to use, and cautions. 

*Inside. From left to right; Rose blossom , Apple Blossom, and Mandarin Blossom. Three of them in 8 ml/ 0.27fl.oz

and there is a sheet of nail sticker inside. 


Apple Blossom, milky green jelly based polish, my fav from 3 polish, it's a rare green, it's not too dark not too sheer, I need 2 coats no top coat in the picture. I took it indoor at night, so the lightning is from my desk lamp ^.^

Mandarin Blossom, milky orange jelly based polish. I kinda disappointed with this color, the formula is too runny, well 3 of them are, but I found the mandarin blossom's formula the runniest of all, that it's a bit hard to work with. It's streaky and the color is just in between, it's look dull. I was hoping it to be brighter than this. 

Rose Blossom, it's coral pink polish, also jelly based. I love this pink, it's not an usual pink, it has peachy in it, hmm yes remind me of spring hahaha.

All of the swatches I took are 2 coats of polish no top coat and taken indoor with my desk lamp as lightning source ^.^

What I love about this kit;
  1. The braille sign (well, I'm not blind but I feel that "NR" care about their customers, since customers not only for normal one... hmm you know what I mean). The braille sign just make me warm feeling that they care. 
  2. The only kit without glitter polish in it. When all of the nail kits always have glitter polish in it, this kit just NO... no glitter, all of it are jelly finished. 
  3. Bigger options to do nail art (french nails, polka nails, stickers nails, nails blocking, ombre nails, and so on) 
What I hate about this kit;
I hate the formula of this nail polish, it's too runny, it's streaky, I just wish they had the same formula with their waltz nail collection, that would be perfect. 

What do you think of this kit? would you buy it? 
Thanks for reading ^.^

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Galaxy Nails

Just a quick post of NOTD;
Galaxy nails 

How I do it;
1. OPI Yoga-ta get this blue as base 
2. Then with sponge I dabbed Nature Republic in PP403 
3. then dabbed OPI Not like the movies 
4. then dabbed OPI Pros&Bronze, then add some glitter of OPI Servin' up sparkle 
and final touch is top coat ^.^

Easy right ^.^

Happy weekend !

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Etude House Fashion Queen Nail Collection Review

Today I'm gonna show you this nail set collection by Etude House Fashion Queen Nail Collection, I chose #1 Hey! Jean E.

*Front (The box is so cute, blue jean and pink.... I love the color, I think I'm gonna keep the box)

*back (Since I bought it from Etude House Taiwan counter, so they just stick on the chinese translation at the back of the box. Honestly I hate it, it's not gonna help with the translation, since the chinese letter so small for us to read.)

*Top box

*Side box (English direction and products name)


From left to right: 70's blue denim, white t-shirt and jeans, perfect skinny

and nail sticker (I bought this set because of this sticker ^.^)

The swatches;

No 1 White t-shirt and Jeans
Jelly based milky blue glitter, the formula just fine and it has different kind of glitter inside (big circle, small circle, stripe, blue, white). It's pretty.  I used 2 coats no top coat

No 2. 70's Blue Denim 
Teal blue, it's such a nice color and very opaque. I used 2 coats no top coat

No 3. Perfect Skinny 
From the 3 polishes, this one is the hardest to work with. It's jelly based but it has lots and very small blue glitter in it, that will make your nails feel a bit gritty when it dried up. Kinda like textured polish. 

The comparison from left to right; No1, No 2, No 3

In my opinion; 
If you're blue lover, you should get this nail set, it has 3 blue colors for all seasons, the white t-shirt and jeans is great for spring and summer, 70's blue denim the teal blue is great for fall and the perfect skinny is perfect for the winter ^.^ and you also got the zipper and lace stickers. For the price, I feel it's quite okay, It's 380 NT for 3x7ml. 
For me, I'm quite happy with this set, the only problem I have is with the perfect skinny, it streaky when I put it on my nails, but it's just because my amateur technique ^.^ Need to work on that bottle again. 

What do you think? 
Thank you for reading ^.^

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Barbie Nails (Water Decal)

Finally, I have chance to try out my Barbie water decal, it was fun and easy to use.  So this is the result,

Nail polishes I used;
1. Thumb: Nature Republic SPK203 + Bourjois Gel no 6
2. Index; Bourjois Gel no 6 + Etude House Etoinette Versailles Nails in water rose
3. Middle: Etude House Etoinette Versailles Nails in water rose and mint leaf + OPI banana bandana 
4. Ring: Etude House Etoinette Versailles Nails in water rose 
5. Little: Etude House Etoinette Versailles Nails in mint leaf. 
All in 2 coats + Seche vite top coat.