Thursday, April 11, 2013

Etude House Fashion Queen Nail Collection Review

Today I'm gonna show you this nail set collection by Etude House Fashion Queen Nail Collection, I chose #1 Hey! Jean E.

*Front (The box is so cute, blue jean and pink.... I love the color, I think I'm gonna keep the box)

*back (Since I bought it from Etude House Taiwan counter, so they just stick on the chinese translation at the back of the box. Honestly I hate it, it's not gonna help with the translation, since the chinese letter so small for us to read.)

*Top box

*Side box (English direction and products name)


From left to right: 70's blue denim, white t-shirt and jeans, perfect skinny

and nail sticker (I bought this set because of this sticker ^.^)

The swatches;

No 1 White t-shirt and Jeans
Jelly based milky blue glitter, the formula just fine and it has different kind of glitter inside (big circle, small circle, stripe, blue, white). It's pretty.  I used 2 coats no top coat

No 2. 70's Blue Denim 
Teal blue, it's such a nice color and very opaque. I used 2 coats no top coat

No 3. Perfect Skinny 
From the 3 polishes, this one is the hardest to work with. It's jelly based but it has lots and very small blue glitter in it, that will make your nails feel a bit gritty when it dried up. Kinda like textured polish. 

The comparison from left to right; No1, No 2, No 3

In my opinion; 
If you're blue lover, you should get this nail set, it has 3 blue colors for all seasons, the white t-shirt and jeans is great for spring and summer, 70's blue denim the teal blue is great for fall and the perfect skinny is perfect for the winter ^.^ and you also got the zipper and lace stickers. For the price, I feel it's quite okay, It's 380 NT for 3x7ml. 
For me, I'm quite happy with this set, the only problem I have is with the perfect skinny, it streaky when I put it on my nails, but it's just because my amateur technique ^.^ Need to work on that bottle again. 

What do you think? 
Thank you for reading ^.^