Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pink Valentine Nails (Konad Stamping)

Valentine..... I LOVE PINK ^.^
So this is my Pink valentine nail using monad M80 + M54 + M59 plate

Stuff that I used: 
1. OPI Sparrow me the drama (for thumbs, index, middle, and pinky fingers as based color)
2. OPI Short Story (for ring finger)
3. Konad Stamping plate M80 + M54+ M59 
4. Konad special nail polish in white and red 

Hope you like it ^.^

Friday, January 25, 2013

Simple Snake Skin Nail art (Stamping Nail)

Chinese New Year 2013 - The year of Water Snake.
So excited about this coming years, cause there will be a longgg holiday in here, Taiwan. So to celebrate the chinese new year I try the snake skin nail, I use 2 different methods. 

The first method: 

1. I paint 2 coats of china Glaze 'Nude' 
2. Then used a garlic or vegetable net wrapped around my finger
3. Then using a sponge I dabbed OPI 'Pros&brons' and 'Warm&Fozzie' all over the nail 
4. finally I use Konad stamping nail M57 plate then sec he vite top coat  and this is the final result:

The 2nd method I used, is very simple, just use the sponge and dabbed OPI 'Pros&brons' and 'Warm&Fozzie' all over the nail 
*Ops, the glitter can be very messy

And here is the result;
So easy and simple right ^.^
Are you also excited for the Chinese New Year? what will be on your nails?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Etude House Etoinette Versailles Nails review

I'm sure, most of you already heard of Etude House's Etoinette collection, so I grab the nail series from that collection

They have 2 choices of nail set from this collection. I got mine in #01 Versailles Rose

and the other one that I didn't buy is purple based color 
*this pic I got from Etude House Taiwan website: www.etudehouse.com.tw

Anyway, let's look inside the box :

We have 3 nail polishes: Mint Leaf, White Rose Dew, Water Rose (from left to right)  @ 4ml and 1 sheet of nail sticker (but I would call it nail tattoo- cause you have to soak in the sticker first in order to use it) 

The swatches:
Mint Leaf, White Rose Dew, Water Rose (from left to right)- 2 coats without top coat, no flash and taken indoor.
I love mint leaf color so much, It's pastel green but it has gold shimmer in it, so beautiful. The water rose, it's pastel coral pink color, the color didn't flatter my skin, It looks off for my skin. 

For mint leaf and water rose 2 coats + 1 coat of white rose dew, and for the middle finger 3 coats of white rose dewe, without top coat, no flash and taken indoor.
WOW!! I love the GLITTER (white rose dew) so much, the glitter are mix of small round, big round chunky and even square gold glitter. I LOVE IT!!!. This glitter make the water rose (my index finger) looks very pretty (I love it with the glitter, not to wear it alone). 

In conclusion: 
What make me love this nail pack;
  1. The color combo are pretty, it's feel like spring/summer
  2. The Glitter nails are amazing 
  3. The bottle are slim and light, make it easier to carry on for traveling 
  4. The princess craving on top of the bottle make it look so cute and girly (and the cap is pink ^.^)
  5. They gave nail tattoo instead of cheap nail sticker
The cons:
- The price is slightly expensive than the other series pack. As far as I know they usually sold nail pack (as dolly 3 steps nails series, juicy cocktail series) for 290 nt and for this collection I got mine for 380 nt.   Is it over pricing?

What do you think? Do you also like Etude House Etoinette collection?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Etude House Waxing Patch Review

Do you girls have a mustache? I DO! and it's been annoying me for so long timeeee. I used to use Sally Hansen waxing strips, but unfortunately I couldn't find it here in Taiwan and I've tried using the hair removal cream (forgot the brand) but it came with strong smell and irritated my skin so bad. I even got it laser (hair removal laser), it can clean up the hair and last for 1 month, but leaving that skin area so dry and itchy. So, when I visit Etude House i saw this stuff

YES!!! It's face waxing patch, so exciting to see this ^.^

Don't worry they have english instruction of how to use it at the back of the box 

These are the inside. One box contains of 10 pieces of waxing patches. 

How to use it? 
1. After washing face, throughly wet under nose skin area
2. Peel patch off and apply to under nose area, pressing down to ensure good contact with skin.
3. Let dry for 10-15 minutes. 
4. After dry, slowly peel off starting at the edges, pulling toward center. 

As you can see in the photo, the patch a bit shorter than my mustache so the result......... is a BIG FAILURE!!!!!
There are not much hair attach on the patch!!! my mustache still there T.T, where did I go wrong?
Well, there are some points that I like about this patch, It came with a packaging per patch so make it easy to carry on and easy to use, and since it has aloe vera, green tea and chamomile extract, it didn't irritated my skin. 

Overall, if I have to rate this product, I'll rate it 2 stars out of 5 stars, because it doesn't do the job, it didn't pick up my mustache hair!!! 

Have you ever use this waxing patch before? Do you also have the same problem like I have? or Do you also have this annoying hairy problem under the nose??? If you have please leave me comment what you usually do to get rid of this!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My 1st Liebster Award

Honestly, I'm a newbie blogger, so I'm very thankful to kikicoroline for nominating me for this award. You really make my day ^^ I'm so happy ^^

The rules:
1. Thank the one who nominated you 
2.  Write 11 random questions about you 
3. Answer 11 questions from the person who nominates you 
4. Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers as a nominees
5. Make 11 questions for them to answer ^^

So One more time I want to say big big Thank you to kikicaroline, for nominating me ^^, It means so much to me 

11 things about me :

  1. I'm a mother of 2 kids 
  2. I love nail polishes, skin care and beauty addicts 
  3. I love pink (soft pink, shocking pink, all of pink hahahah)
  4. I'm afraid of cats and dogs (even the small and cute one)
  5. I'm a bag-aholic 
  6. Loves watching Korean series
  7. I really want to visit Korea someday
  8. I loves eating fried chicken 
  9. I loves orchid (I have several orchids in my small garden ^^)
  10. I'm afraid of bleeding, I'll faint if I see it 
  11. I loves Karaoke ^^
The questions i got from kikicaroline: 
1. Siapa yang menjadi inspirasi kamu dalam menjadi blogger?
- banyak sih, scrangie, vampy varnish, michelle phan

2. Apa Brand nail polish yang sangat kamu sukai?
- I love OPI (my nail holy grails), nature republic, china glaze

3. Seberapa sering kamu menggunakan nail polish?
- sering sekali, I change every week

4. Seberapa penting kesehatan kuku dan kulit bagi kamu?
- sangat penting, terutama kulit wajah

5. Warna apa yang tidak kamu sukai?
- Black, look sad 

6. Berapa uang yang kamu keluarkan setiap bulan untuk membeli produk kecantikan?
- quite a lot 

7. Seberapa sering kamu mengunjungi nail salon untuk melakukan perawatan?
-none, I did it all at home DIY. (punya pengalaman buruk ama salon kuku)

8. Berapa liter air yang kamu minum setiap hari?
- kurang dari 1 liter 

9. Buah apa yang menjadi asupan wajibmu setiap hari, dan mengapa kamu memilih buah itu?
- apple or grape karena gampang belinya 

10. Suka atau benci dengan kucing? Pernahkah menyakiti hewan tersebut? Berikan alasannya mengapa.
- nggak suka, nggak benci, yg tepat aku takuttt kucing 

11. Apa arti WANITA bagi kamu?
- Wanita adalah makhluk terindah yang pernah diciptakan di dunia ini ^^

My Liebster Nominees goes to:

My Questions are: 
1. Love rainy day or sunny day?
2. Do you like sport? if yes, what sport?
3. What's inside your bag?
4. Color that you hate?
5. Lipstick or lipgloss girl?
6. What's your favorite skincare brand?
7. What's your bad habit?
8. Do you have pet?
9. What's your fav food?
10. Who's your idol?
11. What do you do on ur spare time?

Those are my questions ^^ 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

GG Taeyeon 'I Got a Boy' Photos Book Inspired Nail

Have you seen Girl Generation (SNSD- we call them that in Taiwan - translation from their chinese group name) - I Got a Boy MV? I really like that song lately ^^ , then I saw this pic on the net 

I love her nails ^^

So I try it ^^ , and my version like this 
Hope you all like it ^^

These are steps how I draw the cat
  1. First outline the ears and cat's head (I'm using dotting tools) then just fill in the space with black nail polish
  2. I draw the ears first (just draw triangular on both sides) 
  3. Then heres comes the eyes
  4. Finally just dot a green polish for the pupil and draw line at the center of it and we finish for the cat^^. 
In this nail I use 
1. dotting tools 
2. OPI morning glory (from the skullicious collection) for black nails 
3. Bourjois So laque in color Bleu Fabuleux (60) for middle and ring fingers
4. First Kiss brush on nail art paint in white for the cat's eyes
5. OPI Mermaid Tears for the cat's pupils 
6. Bling2x (Stars and gold circle) 

I really love 'I Got a Boy' song I can hear it all day hahahhah, How about you? Do you also Girls Generation's fans?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Y.E.T Nail Wrap Review

Y.E.T (YES! ENJOY TIME) nail wrap, I'm so excited with this product. It's Korean product and their nail wrap designs are so cute and unique. I ordered mine from Taiwan online shop for 99 nt (taiwan dollar) It's around 30,000 IDR.
The front packaging is so cute (so appealing ^^) and at the back they give some instructions of how to use it. It's simple just choose the nail wrap (or i can say nail sticker) based on your nails size, stick it on your nails then buffer the left over and you're done!

This is what's look like from the inside. Nail buffer is included and they have 2 of 9 unique designs so, 18 pcs in one packaging and they also have variant size of the nail wrap, so you can choose which one fit to your nails. 

My first attempt to use the nail wrap ^^ (without top coat)

What I love about this nail wraps are;
- No dry time!
- Quick Finish!
- Easily use!
- Unique design! 
Those are what they said in the packaging and I'm all agree with those ^^ 
plus since I have short nails now, this wraps definitely too long for me, so I can cut some of the design and stick it on my nail (just like my ring finger and index finger) 
The only problem I have is with the nail buffer, it's not working!!!( or is it me who can't use it?) anyway, I'm using scissor instead of their nail buffer, it's easier. 

Would I repurchase it? Oh YES!!! I love this products, it's easy to use and it's fun. Their designs of nail wraps are so unique they even have glow in the dark version ^^, I might grab that one someday. I don't know if you can get this products on your local country, but if you do, you should buy it ^^.  Highly recommended ^^

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Face it CHECK CHECK nail kit swatch

Today, I'm gonna swatch Face it CHECK CHECK nail kit by The Faceshop, They have 2 version of it, no 1 Pastel Check and no 2 (I don't know the name since they only have korean language on it)

These are the back of the box look like, 

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Face Shop Nail Pack Review

There are 3 kinds of nail pack, the lemon for the brightening, the paraffin for moisture, and the milk calcium for strengthening, I chose the milk calcium ^^

at the back of the packaging there are the list of ingredients and how to use it.  It came with 10 pieces of nail mask. 5 for left and 5 for right.
My nails before 

 Within 5 masks, there is 1 mask a bit bigger than the others, which is designed for the thumbs. The masks are really wet and smells so good.  

 There are lots of left over essence in the packaging, so I just use it for the rest of the hand palms, and even my feet ^^. After 10-15 minutes just open the mask, and i gave my nails and hand a little massage, just for the essence to soak in. 

My nails after. My nails, fingers and hand looks so bright and smooth. I'm really impress with this nail pack. As for the price, I feel it's quite cheap I got mine around 50 nt (Taiwan dollar). Really recommended!!