Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pink Valentine Nails (Konad Stamping)

Valentine..... I LOVE PINK ^.^
So this is my Pink valentine nail using monad M80 + M54 + M59 plate

Stuff that I used: 
1. OPI Sparrow me the drama (for thumbs, index, middle, and pinky fingers as based color)
2. OPI Short Story (for ring finger)
3. Konad Stamping plate M80 + M54+ M59 
4. Konad special nail polish in white and red 

Hope you like it ^.^


  1. Awww they are lovely hun! Love the colours and design! O want to try one of those plates ^_^
    Big hug <3

  2. Those plates look so cute! I want them!

    Your nails look gorgeous!

  3. Thank You, ^.^
    I'm so into Konad nail stamping lately! Very highly recommended

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