Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Face it CHECK CHECK nail kit swatch

Today, I'm gonna swatch Face it CHECK CHECK nail kit by The Faceshop, They have 2 version of it, no 1 Pastel Check and no 2 (I don't know the name since they only have korean language on it)

These are the back of the box look like, 

They give some of the idea on how to do the nail art with this kit, which is so helpful ^^, the weird thing is, the box no 1 pastel check has english translation underneath the korean language, but not for the no 2 box, but the picture said it all.

These are my swatches for the nail art kit. Nail art kit no 1, pastel check, 
It look nice and bright, and feel like summer color ^^ 
and this is for nail art kit no 2, 
No 2 come out to be jelly finished nails colors, surprised me..... I thought it would be creamy. Then I tried to do nail art tip like what it said on the back of the box
I like it so muchhhh ^^

Overall, I love this nail kits, The color are so nice, I can use by its own, or mix matching, the combo packaging are perfect, 3 colors are perfect in 1 set, and the nail art tip at the back of the box giving it more plus plus points. The only problem I have with this nail kits is it take really long time to dry........


  1. jari tengahnya , mantaps !! >,<"

    follow back yah ,

  2. So cool :) I do nail art too..

    Please check out my blog
    Thank you :))

  3. I love this. Where did you get the kits?

    1. Thanks, I got it at The face shop counter (it's korean brand cosmetics) ^.^

  4. This is an awesome nail kit ! I totally love it !