Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nail Water Decal Haul

Just bought several water decal (or sometimes call as nail stickers / nail tattoo) on internet.
I'll share some of it with you, the designs are so cuteeee
 I love butterfly 
(even though, it's all written in Japanese, but I'm not sure it's made in Japan, I assume this is made in China, since the price is cheap)

Barbie, who can resist it?

Disney Princesses (so cute)

Big sheet ^.^

I got 3 different brand, and the price are quite the same around 80-99 nt (Taiwan dollar) or under 35,000 IDR (so cheapppp for those big sheet of water decal). I've seen the water decal brand Sha-nails (I think it's made in Japan and the price is 600 nt for only half of this big sheet water decal) 

At the back of the sheet the have simple instruction on how to use it
I've used this brand (Ble nail sticker) before, this quite good and cheap  

This brand is "Poetry Jas" when I read the instruction, I just....... 
It's crack me up hauhauhauhauhauhahuha (Oh myyy)- (see it yourself and you'll know what I mean)
but anyway it's also cheap and they have disney princesses designs 

So, have you ever used this kind of water decal? what do you think? let me know ^.^

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