Friday, February 15, 2013

Palm tree nails

Hello nail lovers,
I'm going back to Indonesia tomorrow for 2 weeks yayyy!!!!
So today, my nails inspiration is Bali with the beach and the palm trees

Tools that I used:
I used: acrylics paint (in Yellow, red, and green) and lovely me-ex dotting pen (from face shop) for drawing the trees, birds and ship. For the dolphin I use stamping plat M71 (it's not Konad, it don't have brand)

First, I paint my nails in white ( I use nature republic WH002 - white)
then with fan brush and acrylic paints:
After that I just draw the rest with nail pen ^.^

Hope you like it ^.^


  1. I share your post on my community World Nail Art! I love it! <3

  2. Thank you, following you too ^.^