Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cherry Nails

It's been a really busy week for me, I don't have time to post my weekend nail, that's why I just post it now.
Cherry nails for the weekend <3

I used: 
1. Skinfood Pine nut break free nail strengthener as base coat 
2. OPI alpine snow for the white and Anna Sui #470 for the red 
3. For the cherry I used Konad stamping M48 plate 
4. For the heart and polkadot I also used Konad Stamping M77 plate 
5. Konad special nail polish in RED, GREEN, and WHITE 
6. For little finger I was trying Etude House UV diamond top coat, but I was in shock since it made my stamping smeared out like crazyyyyy T.T
7. So for the rest of the nails I just back to my Seche vite top coat <3

Hope you all like it. 
How's your weekend? 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Melting Ice Cream Sprinkle Nails

The weather is getting hotter here in Taiwan, make me wanna eat ice cream... so I make this nails ( I also see lots of nail gurus on Youtube making this kind of nails) ^.^

What I used;
1. Index and little finger nails I used OPI Mermaid Tears
2. Thumb, middle and ring finger for the base I use Rose Blossom from Nature Republic Provence Blossom Nail Collection then the melting chocolate ice cream I used OPI yes, I can can
3. To make sprinkle and dot first I used The face shop lovely Me;ex nail dot pen in white for the base then adding some random colour using OPI So So Skullicious mini set- pink/yellow/and orange. 
4. Finally seche vite top coat. 

How's the weather in your country? 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Stripe Animal Nails (Water Decal)

I just got my new water decal 

The pastel animal color looks so cute ^.^ so I wanna to try out 
I paint my nails in stripe; 

Then add some decals and this is how it turn out ; 

What do you think? 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

UNT Hello Kitty Nail Polish Review

Hello, today I'm gonna introduce UNT nail polish. I'm so excited with this nail polish because it's...... 

YESSS HELLO KITTY nail polish collection from UNT ^.^ (the box is so adorable). 
If you never heard about this brand....I'm telling you this nail polish is so worth it. 

*The box; list of ingredients, chinese translation and polish number. I love the "ribbon hole" on the box so that I can see the colors inside without opening the box. 


I've heard about UNT before, it's made in Taiwan, at first I feel a bit reluctant to buy the nail polish, cause I've bad experience with other Taiwanese nail polish brand (which is so bad!! - not gonna name the brand), then I saw the advertisement, they have Hello Kitty collection, hmmm since me and my daughter are Hello Kitty freaks so I think let's give it a try, plus It's on SALE! (nothing to lose).

Another point that make me place my order is this nail polish is Formaldehyde free and it's safe for pregnant woman, so let's give it a try!!

The brush; It's not a flat brush as you can see, it's a bit oval at the tip of the brush, that make it easier to paint area near the cuticle. 

UNT HK010 

It's creamy pink polish. The formula is just fine for me not too runny. The opacity is so great. This polish has no scent, I mean sometimes nail polishes can have a strong smell, but with this polish I barely notice the scent. 


Creamy blue  polish, It's a bit sheer than the pink HK010, but the opacity is also great, the dry time also very fast (since I'm very impatience considering the polish dry time!)

For all of the photom I use 2 coats of polish no top coat, and took it indoor with natural lights from the window ^.^

In conlusion, I'm impressed with this UNT nail polish, the opacity, the dry time, the no scent are amazing, beyond my expectation. I'm definitely will reorder another color from their nail polish collection. The only problem is the brush, I'm not used to to this kind of brush, I like a flat brush more ^.^

This is their website address UNT and they ship worldwide! (YAY!!!)

Thanks for reading!!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fruit nails

I'm joining Looxperiment May challenge. This month theme is Fruitilicious.
So I did my Fruity nails.

What I used:
1. First paint all nails in white (OPI Alpine snow) then do the gradient nails with sponge
2. Thumb; I used Peri Pera BR201  + OPI Shorts Story then stamp the strawberry using Konad M55 and flowers using Konad M37
3. Index ; OPI Who the shrek are you + OPI hi, pumpkin then stamp the apple using Konad M55
4. Middle; OPI Candlelight  + OPI Hi, pumpkin , the watermelon also using Konad M55
5. Ring finger; OPI Who the shrek are you + OPI Hi, pumpkin, and the lemon using Konad M55
6. Little ; OPI Mermaid tears + Nature Republic BL504 , then cherry using Konad M48
7. For the stamping I use Konad special nail polish in Red, White, and Green
8. Finally Seche vite top coat

Thanks for coming to my blog ^.^

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day Nails

Mother's day is coming this weekend, so in this special occasion I want to draw my family on my nails. Well not actually freehand drawing (I'm not that good). I used water decal or nail tattoo on this nail. I feel so fun using this kind of water decal ( here my nails decal haul )- well my collections also growing after that. I can cut and stick it on my nail, reminds me of my childhood age when I used to have stickers albums and stick all of my stickers collection in it.

Today I came up with this nails

The thumb represents I love my Mom, well I sometimes talked back or fought with my mom, but  I LOVE HER very much ^.^
The middle and ring finger represents my little family now, I have a loving husband, and a son and a daughter. For the flowers and butterflies... I love BUTTERFLIES ( I collect things with butterflies on it - wallet, necklace, ring, cosmetic pouch, etc)

What I used;
1. Thumb I used OPI You're such a budapest as a based (2 coats)
2. Index and little Finger OPI Alpine Snow (2coats)
3. Middle Finger OPI What's with cattitude (2coats) then stamp the cloud using Konad M79 plate and use Konad special polish in white
4. Ring finger; OPI Steady as she rose (2coats) then stamp the polkadot using Konad M79 plate and konad special polish in white
5. All of drawing are using nails water decal or nail tattoos.
6. Seche Vite for final touch!!

What do you think?
Happy Mother's day! and hands up if you love your Mom and family ^.^

Thank you for visiting my site

Friday, May 3, 2013

Flower Nails

Hello, just another quick post for this weekend nails. YEAH I love weekend!!!!
Today I'm playing with my nail stickers ^.^

Products I used;
1. Nature Republic SPK203 as base (except ring finger)
2. Ring finger I use Etude House Etoinette versailles Nails set in White Rose Dew (1 coat)
3. Then I made french manicure on the tip of the nails with OPI Alpine Snow 
4. Then dotting randomly OPI what's with cattitude, OPI who the shrek are you and OPI so so skullicious collection color (except the black one), and while it's still wet I use striper brush to blend all the colors ^.^
5. Add some flowers nail stickers 
6. Finally top coat (seche vite)

Thanks for reading ^.^

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dotting Leopard Nails

Hello, today I'm trying to make leopard nail using dotting tools, and it's turn out like this;

I used; 
1. OPI liquid sands The Impossible for my thumb, middle, and pinky finger - 2 coats no top coat 
2. For index and ring finger I use Model's own Champagne as a base (2 coats)
3. I use dotting tool and dotted OPI warm&fozzie for the leopard
4. Finally seche vite top coat for index and ring finger 

What do you think?
Thanks for reading