Saturday, September 21, 2013

3CE Lip Color #602 V Review

Hello.... back again with 3CE stuff. Tonight is 3 Concept Eyes Lip color #602 V

The side of the box has different color of lips.
I thought this design is cute. 
Matching your nails and lips colors hmmm (might try it :p)

All of the detail in Korean 
At the bottom of the box and the tube has lip color number and name. 
I like it when they write down the name also on the tube. 
Maybe it just me, but I have difficulty remembering number, it get mixed up,
so I like to remember a name. 
When I'm searching in my nail polish or lipstick stash, I like to call it by its name.
For example; I'm in the mood for coral lips, I'll say I'll get my 'Super Coral' and so on.
The name seem to attached better, so I like catchy and cute name of product. 
Is it just me? or do you also have the same habit?

Anyway.... let's move on

The bullet. 
Classic black bullet, nothing special, but quite decent.

The swatches on my hand and lips

 602 V
In the photo it looks like cool blue based fuchsia pink, but 
in the real life it's warmer and darker. 
and It's matte finish. 

Honestly.... I'm a bit disappointed with this lipstick. 
I bought it online, so I bought it based on their pictorial advertisement. 
Here's their ad

Compared to mine..... 
The ad pic looks so moist and glossy and on me it's matte. 
The ad pic color so bright purplely pink and on me it's so different, and after few minutes,
the color seems to change to berry plum red on my lips 
(Is it because I don't use lip concealer?) 
anyway, the point is... I don't get the exact color like on the ad. 
and the creaminess, I'm expecting to get the same creaminess like their 
Lip Jumbo Crayon, but nooo I was wrong T.T

Good thing to say about this lip color;
*No scent at all 
*Glide smoothly, but a bit dried up my lips (not 'till chapping)

I don't like the color turn out when I fully apply on my lips, but I found this lip color 
work best as a Tint. I just use lip balm, then dabbed this lip color on my lips and just smear it 
with my finger, and the result I get is 
See... totally different color...... 

Have you tried 3CE lip color? Do you get the same result as their ad pictorial? 
Please let me know ^.^

Note: I might gone for a while, going back to Indonesia for 2 weeks tmrw *woots woots, I'll do my best to blog though :p 
Have a great weekend for all of you <3
Thank you for reading 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Etude House Letter Mask Review

Last week I posted about Etude House Letter Mask and now I want to post my thought about it.
I've been using these mask for this past 2 weeks.

My bare skin. 
Took it at night after I washed my face and applied toner. 
My skin problem are big pore around nose area and redness. 
My skin is combination (normal to dry)
Please ignore the dark circle!!! (those what I got from being latenighter :P)

The first mask I tried is Tea Tree (Trouble care)
Even Though I don't have acne problem, but I think it can prevent my skin.
The smell is.... just like Tea Tree 
The smell isn't so strong, it give kinda pleasant scent, and calming effect. 
After 20 minutes.... as you can see on the right photo, my skin became so bright <3 <3
but this Tea Tree is not moist enough for my taste. 

The second mask I tried was Royal Jelly (Smooth Hydration)
Again... the smell is like Honey
After 20 minutes.... I don't know is it because of the light or what
but I think this one is not giving me any difference

The third one was Heart (5 berry complex)
 Love this heart mask design. 
The face sheet is quite big ^.^
Love the smell so much. It's smell like berries, sweet but not too over. 
The smell that can make you happy <3 
After 20 minutes.... Wowww my skin is so bright!!!! <3 <3 <3

My Conclusion.....
Can you see the difference after 1st time, 2nd, and 3rd time used of these mask?
I'm not using the mask everyday. I used it once in 2-3 days. 

My thought about these Mask;
*Pleasant scent
*It's not breaking me up or giving me allergic reaction
(It might be different for me and you since we have different skin's condition)
*It's giving you nice result with routine usage. 

After using 3 kinds of mask, I became addicting, I want to try another letter mask.
It's make me curious of the scent and the result on my skin.
I hope this mask is their permanent product. 

Have you tried this mask? What's your favorite letter?
Thank you for reading <3

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cuccio Colour Totally Tokyo First Impression

Have you heard about Cuccio brand?
First time I knew about this brand was at time I took a lesson about nails and spa. They are using this brand and In Taiwan it's kind a famous brand for a decent nail spa place. I'm quite familiar with their nail treatment, etc, and recently when I went to Cosmetic Exhibition I just knew that they also have nail polish line right now, call cuccio colour. They also have gel polish too ^.^

Today, I want to write about my first impression using this polish name TOTALLY TOKYO.
First, I love the bottle's design. It slim (it's easier to store and save lots of place) 
but the sticker at the back of the bottle quite sucks, it's fall off easily. 

Cuccio's brush is flat almost as flat as O.P.I but, O.P.I's brush is wider
and as for China Glaze is rounder than Cuccio. 
As for my preference, I like flat brush better, so I don't have issue with their brush. 
It brushed nicely and smoothly <3


 Totally Tokyo is a bright pinky purple color with gold shimmer in it. 
all of the swatches photos are taken indoor, natural light, 2 coats of polish NO top coat.  

After using it for several days..... 
I'm in love with this polish, I can rank this as my second holy grail nail polish now!!!! (after O.P.I)
  • The color is so opaque, fine with only one coat
  • No DPB and not tested on Animal 
  • The price is affordable (cheaper than O.P.I)
  • The most important of all, the staying power.... For me the staying power is so important. As a housewife with 2 kids, you can imagine how much housework I do everyday, from wash the dishes (I don't use gloves), bathing the kids and etc, it would be disappointed if my nail polish only stay for half a day, I'm not asking for much, just stick with me for one day. And this polish passed the qualification!!!!! See the picture below;

I painted my nails on Saturday night and I took this photo on Tuesday afternoon. 
It started to chip a bit but this is amazing!!!! and I didn't put a top coat on top of it. 
I'M LOVING IT <3<3<3
For nail lovers out there.... this brand is worth to collect ^.^

Have you ever heard about this brand before? 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Etude House Letter Mask

I am so excited when I saw the press release of this mask from Etude House
The Letter Face Mask 

The list of Mask from A to Z
*source: Etude House web

The back of the mask; 
List of ingredients, how to use, etc

They have english translation too <3

Face mask or mask sheet might be not a new things, but what make me crazy over this letter mask is because THE LETTER, A to Z alphabet. 
I think it's so smart, unique and CUTE idea of selling face mask. Plus every alphabet mask has it's own unique packaging design. 

So this is what I did with my mask

I think this product is so perfect for gifting <3 
Say your greeting with this letter mask! 
What do you think of this mask? would you buy it?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Taipei The 23rd International Cosmetic Exhibition

Last Saturday I went to Cosmetic Exhibition. 
In here, Cosmetic Exhibition means there are many stalls for cosmetics (make up and skincare), nails product, spa product. Basically all of things you need if you want to prepare bride for bridal (minus the bride gown). Usually held twice a year. Once on March (If I'm not mistaken) and second one is on Sept 

Took some photos of that day, here we go;

The ticket (this ticket was sent to me) 
and my NOTD

 Just a few of the nail stalls, usually they sell nail products and have class schedule, and usually the price is cheaper.
Some of the stall have a big screen zooming the nail artist demonstration. Like giving you some of the idea how to use their product.

Woootss... lots of water decal <3

There are also few stalls selling eyelashes or having lash extension service.
Besides that there are also skincare and cosmetics stalls (Most of them are Taiwan's company)

For Nail Lover, this is the fun part, there are so many nail art displayed.
I took few photos which I think so cute and beautiful. 

These are my hauls on that day;

Face brush

Just heard of this brand, but I think their bb cream and lip scrub are nice, and had face mask as gift.

Been wanting to try Orly nail polish.

Nail stickerrrr... buy 10 get 12 <3
The cinderella cart remover bottle I think it's so cute and bought the butterflies bottle simply
because of the packaging, but it's Made in USA so I'll give it try.

Just found out that Cuccio also has their nail polish line. Lots of nice colors. 
So I picked few of them.

Bandi Nailcure (it's korean product) sadly the stall assistant couldn't give me 
more information about the product. 
And finally Zoya nail polishhhh (been wanting this brand for so longgg :D)
Now.... I must make a place for those babies.... my polish collection are growing..... :P

That was my saturday, how was your weekend? 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Too Cool for School Hot Girl Lip Sticker No 2 Hawaiian Flower Review

Helloooo everyone :D
Sorry for haven't post anything for my blog for several days. 
My 2 kids were sick. My daughter with her allergic and my son caught a stomach flu.... what a week!!! (Blame it on the weather!!! The weather is very unfriendly these days, hot on the daylight and cold at night). Anyway... today I'm back with review of Too Cool for School product (this is my first product from this brand) Hot Girl Lip Sticker.  

Mine is in no 2 Hawaiian Flower 

I love the slogan, I thought it's quite funny. 
Yes!!! I'm not boring hahaha :p

The back of the box. 
Since I bought it from Taiwan store counter, they just stick chinese translation on the back of the box.

The lipstick packaging.
So cute, the checker design make it look unique and outstanding <3

But..... It's small
In this picture, I roll up all of the lip product inside and that's how much you get. 


On the bullet it's look like a very dark purple pink, but when you swatch it, 
it turn on to be more pinky than dark purple. 

On my lips;
For bare lips, I use lip balm only. 
As you can see, on my lips it's turn out to be berry pink. 
and when I notice the bullet, the lipstick has slight of gold shimmer in it. ( I try to capture it with my camera, but fail miserably, sorry)

What I love about this product;
  1. The texture; It's something in between, It's glide smoothly on my lips but not too creamy (like buttery cream or looks like the bullet gonna melt in hot weather). It dries not too matte and not too glossy. 
  2. It long lasting (That's why they call it lip sticker). The color 'stick' on your lips for quite long time. When you have big eat or drink, the pink color will slightly gone, but it leave stain on your lips. 
  3. It has a slight scent of sweet candy (just a slight not a strong scent)
  4. It not drying up my lips (but I used lip balm before it)
The cons;
  1. The price!!! I bought it from the counter for 400 NT up (I forget the exact price), but that price for 2.45 gr of lipstick.  
Have you tried Too Cool for School brand before? 
Thanks for reading <3

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Make your own Nail Decal Tutorial

Last week was.... urghhh stormy week,  raining for several days T.T
So I did some experiment with my stamping tools ^.^ - Making your own nail decal using your stamping nail tools. 

Basically all you needs are;
1. Top coat or clear polish
2. Nail polish remover and cotton
3. Tweezer
4. Scrapper and stamp tools (in here I used membership card (as thick as credit card)
5. Konad special nail polish (but you can use nail polish or acrylic paint)
6. Dotting tool ( or you can use detail brush or toothpick)
7. Stamping plate

There are so many technique out there, on google or youtube, I just chose the one that I thing is easier :p , so here we go

  1. Stamp the design you want (I use Konad M53) then wait 'till it's completely dry
  2. Then, just coloring the gap as you like (you can use dotting tools, or toothpick or detail brush) with well in here I use Konad special nail polish (but you can use other nail polish or acrylic paints), after that wait till it's dry and add a layer of top coat on top of the design. Wait 'till it's dry.
  3. After that peel the image with the tweezer (or you can use your finger but I feel the tip of the tweezer make it easier to work with rather than our finger), stick the design on your nail (but your nail polish must be in a bit sticky and tacky condition) Finally just add a layer of top coat to seal them. 

My result;

Making this decal are so time consuming, but I think it make stamping design prettier ^.^
What do you think?
Thank you for reading <3