Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Taipei The 23rd International Cosmetic Exhibition

Last Saturday I went to Cosmetic Exhibition. 
In here, Cosmetic Exhibition means there are many stalls for cosmetics (make up and skincare), nails product, spa product. Basically all of things you need if you want to prepare bride for bridal (minus the bride gown). Usually held twice a year. Once on March (If I'm not mistaken) and second one is on Sept 

Took some photos of that day, here we go;

The ticket (this ticket was sent to me) 
and my NOTD

 Just a few of the nail stalls, usually they sell nail products and have class schedule, and usually the price is cheaper.
Some of the stall have a big screen zooming the nail artist demonstration. Like giving you some of the idea how to use their product.

Woootss... lots of water decal <3

There are also few stalls selling eyelashes or having lash extension service.
Besides that there are also skincare and cosmetics stalls (Most of them are Taiwan's company)

For Nail Lover, this is the fun part, there are so many nail art displayed.
I took few photos which I think so cute and beautiful. 

These are my hauls on that day;

Face brush

Just heard of this brand, but I think their bb cream and lip scrub are nice, and had face mask as gift.

Been wanting to try Orly nail polish.

Nail stickerrrr... buy 10 get 12 <3
The cinderella cart remover bottle I think it's so cute and bought the butterflies bottle simply
because of the packaging, but it's Made in USA so I'll give it try.

Just found out that Cuccio also has their nail polish line. Lots of nice colors. 
So I picked few of them.

Bandi Nailcure (it's korean product) sadly the stall assistant couldn't give me 
more information about the product. 
And finally Zoya nail polishhhh (been wanting this brand for so longgg :D)
Now.... I must make a place for those babies.... my polish collection are growing..... :P

That was my saturday, how was your weekend? 


  1. Wow great purchases. Looks like fun walking around there!!

    1. Yes, had a great time, esp looking at the nail art display <3

  2. Wow amazing haul ! The butterfly nail polishes are super CUTE!!!! What's the brand?

    1. It's more beauty (never heard of this brand before) but it said Made in USA at the back of the bottle and I got it at 100 NT per bottle

  3. yampun itu nailart nya lucu2 smua >.<
    itu hauls apa lagi kalap belanja tuh ? ehehhe

    1. termasuk kalap hahahahh. Baru sadar waktu cash habis T.T

  4. Amazing photos ;) Very beautiful mani :)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog