Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cuccio Colour Totally Tokyo First Impression

Have you heard about Cuccio brand?
First time I knew about this brand was at time I took a lesson about nails and spa. They are using this brand and In Taiwan it's kind a famous brand for a decent nail spa place. I'm quite familiar with their nail treatment, etc, and recently when I went to Cosmetic Exhibition I just knew that they also have nail polish line right now, call cuccio colour. They also have gel polish too ^.^

Today, I want to write about my first impression using this polish name TOTALLY TOKYO.
First, I love the bottle's design. It slim (it's easier to store and save lots of place) 
but the sticker at the back of the bottle quite sucks, it's fall off easily. 

Cuccio's brush is flat almost as flat as O.P.I but, O.P.I's brush is wider
and as for China Glaze is rounder than Cuccio. 
As for my preference, I like flat brush better, so I don't have issue with their brush. 
It brushed nicely and smoothly <3


 Totally Tokyo is a bright pinky purple color with gold shimmer in it. 
all of the swatches photos are taken indoor, natural light, 2 coats of polish NO top coat.  

After using it for several days..... 
I'm in love with this polish, I can rank this as my second holy grail nail polish now!!!! (after O.P.I)
  • The color is so opaque, fine with only one coat
  • No DPB and not tested on Animal 
  • The price is affordable (cheaper than O.P.I)
  • The most important of all, the staying power.... For me the staying power is so important. As a housewife with 2 kids, you can imagine how much housework I do everyday, from wash the dishes (I don't use gloves), bathing the kids and etc, it would be disappointed if my nail polish only stay for half a day, I'm not asking for much, just stick with me for one day. And this polish passed the qualification!!!!! See the picture below;

I painted my nails on Saturday night and I took this photo on Tuesday afternoon. 
It started to chip a bit but this is amazing!!!! and I didn't put a top coat on top of it. 
I'M LOVING IT <3<3<3
For nail lovers out there.... this brand is worth to collect ^.^

Have you ever heard about this brand before? 


  1. i love the pinkkkkk <3 mind to follow each other? :)
    join the giveaway!

  2. Great post!! I love nail polishes that can with stand mommy duties. Though i'm not a mother yet, I do, do a lot of house chores and washing the dishes is one of them! Again great post & love the review (:


    1. Thank you <3
      I know how it feels when seeing our nail polish chipping because of washing dishes T.T

  3. I like the last pictures pink shade, it seems like a super nice warm pink. I bet all the colors would look better in natural light! :D

    1. the last pic might be because I took it inside room with my curtain on. That's why the last pic the pink color became warm pink :D