Friday, September 20, 2013

Etude House Letter Mask Review

Last week I posted about Etude House Letter Mask and now I want to post my thought about it.
I've been using these mask for this past 2 weeks.

My bare skin. 
Took it at night after I washed my face and applied toner. 
My skin problem are big pore around nose area and redness. 
My skin is combination (normal to dry)
Please ignore the dark circle!!! (those what I got from being latenighter :P)

The first mask I tried is Tea Tree (Trouble care)
Even Though I don't have acne problem, but I think it can prevent my skin.
The smell is.... just like Tea Tree 
The smell isn't so strong, it give kinda pleasant scent, and calming effect. 
After 20 minutes.... as you can see on the right photo, my skin became so bright <3 <3
but this Tea Tree is not moist enough for my taste. 

The second mask I tried was Royal Jelly (Smooth Hydration)
Again... the smell is like Honey
After 20 minutes.... I don't know is it because of the light or what
but I think this one is not giving me any difference

The third one was Heart (5 berry complex)
 Love this heart mask design. 
The face sheet is quite big ^.^
Love the smell so much. It's smell like berries, sweet but not too over. 
The smell that can make you happy <3 
After 20 minutes.... Wowww my skin is so bright!!!! <3 <3 <3

My Conclusion.....
Can you see the difference after 1st time, 2nd, and 3rd time used of these mask?
I'm not using the mask everyday. I used it once in 2-3 days. 

My thought about these Mask;
*Pleasant scent
*It's not breaking me up or giving me allergic reaction
(It might be different for me and you since we have different skin's condition)
*It's giving you nice result with routine usage. 

After using 3 kinds of mask, I became addicting, I want to try another letter mask.
It's make me curious of the scent and the result on my skin.
I hope this mask is their permanent product. 

Have you tried this mask? What's your favorite letter?
Thank you for reading <3


  1. I never tried this mask but looks really great, thanks for your review, and your bare face is really pretty.

    1. Thank you ^.^
      You should try it, it's really great

  2. Ahh..I wish Etude was available here in India :(
    I can really see..your face totally lit up!!
    love it!

    1. ohhh that's too bad, Etude has lots of cute products.
      You might want to consider the international shipping ^.^
      but the shipping cost would be quite expensive :(

  3. Do they really did great job?:D i really want to try them XD

    anw mind to followback GFC? Thankyou^^

    1. on Me , I think the heart one is giving me the brightest result, but I think if you use this mask continuous and routinely, you'll see the good result :D

  4. kulitmu halusss bgt :3
    duh aku mau cari ini juga ahhh
    thanks reviewnyaaaa muuacchhh

    1. kkkk thank youuuu, iya demi review 2 minggu ini rutin maskeran hihihi

  5. very cool! i wanna try that!

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  6. This mask is amazing!!! I tried it once and my acne prone skin shows immediate improvements..