Friday, December 28, 2012

New years nail. Half manicure glitter nails

We're counting down the days to welcoming a new years, 2013 and this is my nails for new years 

and these simple steps of how I do it. I use circle color label stickers

First steps, I use OPI matte nail envy as base coat then apply 2 coats of OPI DS coronation (DS 025)

2nd steps, put the sticker on half of my nails 

3rd steps, color other half with 2 coats of OPI DS mystery and OPI sparkle-licious.
Last step, after all dry, just remove the stickers and add a top coat, and then finish, just that simple ^^

I decided for glitter nails, 'cause I wish my 2013 will become a happy sparkling years.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My X'mas Nails

Finally...... decided to start my own blog. Been thinking to start blogging since a long time, since I really enjoy reading others people blogs, so I was thinking why not making my own ^^.  For my first blog I want to share my X'mas Nails. I know X'mas already passing by, but just want to share ^^

The Stuffs that I used:

1.  OPI Matte Nail envy as base coat 
2. OPI The show must go on (HL B11) as Red base 
3. Konad nail polish in green for the tree 
4. First kiss brush on nail art in silver 
5. OPI candlelight and OPI a Rose from the dead (from skullicious mini collection) for tree lighting effect
6. OPI Golden eyes for the "golden finger" (from OPI skyfall mini collection) 
7. Last, sealed it with seche vite top coat. 

Wondering, what will be on your nails on new year day?