Saturday, August 3, 2013


Hello.... today I'm gonna review these lip tint from Skinfood, from their new Jungle Fruits Collection. There are 3 colors for these tint No 1 Tomato , No 2 Mandarine, and No 3 Pink Grapefruit, but I only bought No 2 and 3.

The Front and back packaging
I love the jungle fruits theme design. 
Feel like in tropical country and ready for holidays ^.^
The details in packaging are all in Korean, no English.

Tint bottle (so cuteeeee) 
The cap is from plastic and the half bottom are made from acrylic (not sure), 
but they make it transparent, make it easier to see the color of the tint. 
When I smell the bottle, I can smell fruity scent, not a strong scent. 
The smell quite nice. My daughter said "wow it smell so good" 

The applicator is just the usual small applicator, nothing special. 

The swatches; 
*On back of my hand, with & without flash

No 2 Mandarine 
Orange tint. 
This tint has glossy finish and the color quite pigmented. I only put 1 layer on every swatches here. 
Glossy finish but non sticky 

No 3 Pink Grapefruit
I love thisss PINK (don't blame me, I'm PINK LOVER!!!) 
I just don't get it why they named it Pink Grapefruit ( I thought grapefruit color is Orange not PINK)
while this one is so pretty milky pink.
(I think they might be just named the product with the name of tropical fruits to match the name of the collection "Jungle Fruits" hmmm)

I really don't have much complain about this products. 
I usually don't use tint. This tint quite amazed me. It has NON sticky glossy finish, vivid colors, and the colors stay really long. Don't have problem with chapped lips when I use this tint.

One problem I have with this tint is that, the glossy effect didn't last long and for no 3 tint, the color is changing on my lips.

This what I mean;

If you see this picture, you can see, when I just applied the tint, the glossy effect and pink colors so pretty, but after a while (less than 1 hour), the glossy effect slowly faded and it became kinda matte, and  the pink color also slowly changed to a bit more darker pink (or I can just say turn to soft red- on my lips). 
No 2, the glossy effect also the same with no 3 and the orange colors slowly tamed down, not changed drastically like no 3. 

BUT I LOVE how this tint turn out at the end of the day. 
I mean, after a while the colors just settle on your lips, no glossy effect
Make your lips look natural. 

I think this tint is so perfect for people who want to try a vivid colors lipstick, but don't have a gut to try the "BAM" colors on their lips.

What do you think? Which color do you like? 
Thank you for reading ^.^


  1. Wow both are really cute olor and very pigmented!

    1. yes they are, a new choice for tint lovers <3

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  3. Grapefruit is pink on the inside, that's what. :)

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