Monday, July 29, 2013

Etude House Hot Summer Nail & Body Painting Review

This summer seems can't get enough with these Neon polishes.  Etude House also came out with unique set of neon nail polish.  They mix match NEON + Nude  colors (which I think hmmm smart... nice combo).
The box 
They have 3 different combo in this collections

I chose #2 Warming Lemon, cause I need this kind of Neon Yellow in my stash
This combo also came with nail and body tattoo.

No 1. Sour Lemon (the yellow polish on the left)
No 2. Warm toned skin (nude polish on the right)

And here is my swatches;


In the real life, the nude color turn a bit peachier than in the photos. 
The bright neon yellow colors so fantastic, loveee the colors. 
They are so pigmented and have creamy finish. 
The only problem I have with these polish is the formula. The formula a bit thicker make it hard to even out the first layer (streaky), but I can even out on second coat. 
Drying time is quite fast. 

Nail and body tattoo also great bonus in this set. 
I have no problem with those 

They are so pretty under sunlight. 
I love these two colors combo. Neon and nude, I think they're a match ^.^

What do you think? do you also think this combo are pretty? 
Thank you for reading <3 <3

Friday, July 26, 2013

Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick #4 Review

I've heard many good reviews about Innisfree brand. When I saw my favorite online shop also have this brand, I think I wanna try to see how good this brand is. 
Front and back box

Side box
This creamy tint promise you 
1. Vivid color 
2. Creamy texture 
3. Long Lasting
4. Camelia Oil (more moisture)
5. 3-Free system (please correct me if I'm wrong) 
this 3-free means cruelty free, talc free, and benzophenone free 

I've search little on google the harm of talc and benzophenone in lipstick 
Talc- suspected of causing respiratory toxicity and suspected of causing cancer
Benzophenone-suspected of being an endocrine disruptor and toxic to the skin and sensory organs.

I like how sleek this lipstick is and color "window" on the bottom of the product, make it easier to grab the color you want to use. (I think just in case you want to adding up this collection, hahha, believe me once you try this, you gonna want to buy some more) 

*With flash and without flash
I bought no 4, coral orange red lipstick. 

I love this color, not too red, not to orange, just something in between. The color is so pigmented, very vivid, long lasting staying power really good, when it's gone, it will leave stain on your lips, so your lips will have slight color. It didn't dry out my lips. So basically 5 plus plus they wrote on the box you can give a star, cause it's so true ^.^

I would recommend this lipstick for a people who searching for a vivid pigmented lipstick, long lasting and the most important high moisture lipstick 

This is the online shop web I usually got my stuff is Spa House (well for international reader, sorry, I don't think they have international shipping, but for Taiwan reader please check it out) - I'm not SPONSORED, I put their shop web because I'm a HAPPY customer ^.^

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Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Neon Beam Nails Review

When I saw this press release photo..... GOSH!!! I'm obsessed!!! I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!!!!! 
So I order all of the colors  + top coat.  So here we go, my swatches 

No 1
2 coats + top coat

took this with artificial light 

Bright jelly neon pink, not bad, I love this kind of pink :D

No 2 

2 coats without top coat, artificial light. 
for me, without top coat I feel this neon orange looks so dull 

Under Sunlight;

Under sunlight wohoooo!!!! I love how those colors so sparkling neon bright!!! 

So... I'm happy with how NEON they turn out!!!! 
Now the PROBLEM;
When I bought these products, I expect these nail polishes to be NEON and GLOW in THE DARK.  Is it NEON enough? YES!!! 
but... IT'S NOT GLOW IN THE DARK!!!!!!! 
What happen???? mine just simply NEON that's it. 

I've seen the review photos of other bloggers from official holika holika's website, and theirs polish are glow in the dark.... so where did I go wrong???? So disappointed with these nail polish 

Have you ever bought a product with a high expectation then feel disappointed? 
Please, someone from Korea or understand Korean, please let me know what should I do to make this polish GLOW??? (since holika holika's web don't have english translation for this) Thank you in advance :D

and Thank you for reading ^.^  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Yay for Summer. This summer I've been eyeing Skinfood Jungle Fruits Collection.  They came out with tropical jungle theme design of packaging, so cute, and so SUMMER.
There are 7 colors of nail polishes in this collection, and I'm fall in love with the bottle. The cap are made from plastic and the leaves patterns are stickers. 

Directly to Swatches;
No 1 (too bad I can't read the name of the polish since it's in Korean)

No 1, bright Yellow polish, they all jelly based nail polishes

No 2

No 2, bright Orange 

No 3

No 3, bright Pink, my favorite from the bunch

This collection polish so pigmented and vivid. It's enough with just one coat, and if you like more vivid you can add a second coat. 

No 4

No 4, lime green 
From no 1 until 4, they have kinda neon finish ^.^
so bright, and so pretty under sunlight. 

No 5 

No 5 leave green 

No 6

No 6 purple. 
This is what I call true purple, it just purple. 
This colors is the most difficult to work with. It's too sheer, I have to use 3 coats for this photo, and the colors seem uneven. 

No 7

No 7 dark khaki green. 
This color feel like an outcast from the bunch. 
When all of the colors collection are so bright, and here we go, we have the darkest green,
but this color is so unique and rare. The formula in no 7 seem a bit thicker than the rest. 

Overall, I LOVE this collection. I love the bottles and to my surprised they are SCENTED nail polish. They have kinda fruity smell, I think it's kinda peachy fruity smell, and the scent is still there on day 2. (feel like I found Anna Sui nail polish dupe. If Anna sui has rose scent, then this one is fruity scent, GREAT!!!) So if you have any change found this nail polish, I'm highly recommended this collection. 
What do you think? What colors do you like ? ^.^

Thank you for reading <3

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Etude House COLOR POP Nail Polish Review & Swatches

Last sunday I visited Etude House's counter (Taiwan). They have new collection 'Color Pop' and 'Bling  in the Sea' coming at store, so I bought 5 bottle of Color Pop nail polish collection. I bought CBL01, CBL602, CBL603, CBL604, and CBL605. The best part is they have promotion buy 2 get 1 free for all nail polishes, included new collection, woot woot woot *dancing. So this is my review and swatches;

I REALLY LOVE this collection, the colors are so pigmented and the formula is just perfect, no streaky and dry quite fast.
*one coat no top coat

*one coat no top coat. See what I mean with so pigmented and perfect formula ^.^

*2 coats no top coat 

All polish are in creme finish and so pigmented.  In  this photo all in 1 coat without top coat.

*CBL601- creamy green polish


CBL602- Turquoise , slight darker than CBL601


*CBL603- creamy blue polish


*CBL604- blue polish (If you search the true blue, this is just perfect blue)


*CBL605- blue with hints of purple. 

I'm so in love with this collection and the colors. 
Now I'm considering to take the green series home hahaha 
What do you think? 
Thanks for reading ^.^

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rose Gradient Stamping Nails

Yeah.... it's weekend again. Just a quick post before I go to sleep ^.^

How I do this; 
Put 4 colors (I use Konad special polish) like in no 1, then scrap diagonally, then quickly stamp it on your nails ^.^
I use 2 coats of Mint Leaf (From Etude House Etoinette Versailles Nails) and Konad plate M65. 

Hope you like it ^.^
Enjoy your weekend <3