Thursday, July 4, 2013

Crayon Pop "Bar Bar Bar" Inspired Nails

Hellooo... today just a quick post of NOTD inspired by Korean Girls group, Crayon pop. I don't know anything about this group, I just came across their MV few days ago on Youtube.... and this song is addicting!!!!!
So I make my nails just like their training suit colors ^.^

I use: 
1. Thumb- Mandarin Blossom ( from Nature Republic
2. Index- HK020 ( from UNT)
3. Middle - Skinfood Nail Vita REI08 
4. Ring- Water Rose ( from Etude House)
5. Little- yellow color from faceshop
6. White- OPI Alpine Snow 
7. Final Seche a vite top coat  (I always use base coat before I paint my nails)- Right now I use Skinfood Pine nut Break free Nail Strengthener 

Thank you for visiting my blog ^.^


  1. Love all these colours!


    1. Thank you ^.^
      I think those colors are perfect for the summer

  2. It looks so cute!!

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    1. Thank you ^.^
      Following you too, I love your blog.