Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Yay for Summer. This summer I've been eyeing Skinfood Jungle Fruits Collection.  They came out with tropical jungle theme design of packaging, so cute, and so SUMMER.
There are 7 colors of nail polishes in this collection, and I'm fall in love with the bottle. The cap are made from plastic and the leaves patterns are stickers. 

Directly to Swatches;
No 1 (too bad I can't read the name of the polish since it's in Korean)

No 1, bright Yellow polish, they all jelly based nail polishes

No 2

No 2, bright Orange 

No 3

No 3, bright Pink, my favorite from the bunch

This collection polish so pigmented and vivid. It's enough with just one coat, and if you like more vivid you can add a second coat. 

No 4

No 4, lime green 
From no 1 until 4, they have kinda neon finish ^.^
so bright, and so pretty under sunlight. 

No 5 

No 5 leave green 

No 6

No 6 purple. 
This is what I call true purple, it just purple. 
This colors is the most difficult to work with. It's too sheer, I have to use 3 coats for this photo, and the colors seem uneven. 

No 7

No 7 dark khaki green. 
This color feel like an outcast from the bunch. 
When all of the colors collection are so bright, and here we go, we have the darkest green,
but this color is so unique and rare. The formula in no 7 seem a bit thicker than the rest. 

Overall, I LOVE this collection. I love the bottles and to my surprised they are SCENTED nail polish. They have kinda fruity smell, I think it's kinda peachy fruity smell, and the scent is still there on day 2. (feel like I found Anna Sui nail polish dupe. If Anna sui has rose scent, then this one is fruity scent, GREAT!!!) So if you have any change found this nail polish, I'm highly recommended this collection. 
What do you think? What colors do you like ? ^.^

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Those polish are so nice, even the packaging are so captivating! :)
    Smize with Style

  2. Gawjuss mani and packaging is so appealing <3 Lovin' 3 & 6....


  3. warnanya pigmented banget.
    i've following you, mind to visit and follow me http://artesya-inggitta.blogspot.com/ . thx.

  4. These look awesome!! So vibrant and pretty!! #gig

    1. yes, there are. So happy to have this collection <3

  5. ah thanks for the review :D
    nice packaging, awesome colors!!
    I'm a fan of skinfood nail polishes <3
    kalo boleh tau harganya berapa ya? ^^

    salam kenal :)
    new follower here, mind to follow each other? ^^

    1. Aku nitip teman dari Korea, disana jualnya @ 3000 won, di Taiwan @ 140 nt.
      I'm following you too <3