Friday, July 26, 2013

Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick #4 Review

I've heard many good reviews about Innisfree brand. When I saw my favorite online shop also have this brand, I think I wanna try to see how good this brand is. 
Front and back box

Side box
This creamy tint promise you 
1. Vivid color 
2. Creamy texture 
3. Long Lasting
4. Camelia Oil (more moisture)
5. 3-Free system (please correct me if I'm wrong) 
this 3-free means cruelty free, talc free, and benzophenone free 

I've search little on google the harm of talc and benzophenone in lipstick 
Talc- suspected of causing respiratory toxicity and suspected of causing cancer
Benzophenone-suspected of being an endocrine disruptor and toxic to the skin and sensory organs.

I like how sleek this lipstick is and color "window" on the bottom of the product, make it easier to grab the color you want to use. (I think just in case you want to adding up this collection, hahha, believe me once you try this, you gonna want to buy some more) 

*With flash and without flash
I bought no 4, coral orange red lipstick. 

I love this color, not too red, not to orange, just something in between. The color is so pigmented, very vivid, long lasting staying power really good, when it's gone, it will leave stain on your lips, so your lips will have slight color. It didn't dry out my lips. So basically 5 plus plus they wrote on the box you can give a star, cause it's so true ^.^

I would recommend this lipstick for a people who searching for a vivid pigmented lipstick, long lasting and the most important high moisture lipstick 

This is the online shop web I usually got my stuff is Spa House (well for international reader, sorry, I don't think they have international shipping, but for Taiwan reader please check it out) - I'm not SPONSORED, I put their shop web because I'm a HAPPY customer ^.^

Thank you for reading <3


  1. ohmygod it looks so pretty and vibrant! -3-

    1. yes it is, and feel so smooth and moisture on your lips

  2. woaaa I've been eyeing for this product since... long time ago :D this shade is beautiful! new follower here, please check out mine too at

    1. yes, it's one of their bestseller shade ^.^
      Following you back dear on GFC, Bloglovin and Instagram.
      Gonna stalk ya hahah *kidding

  3. I've tried the lipstick too and the color payoff is very good :D

  4. How is it compared to 3CE lip colors in terms of the texture, color and longevity? If possible please answer on my blog since I might not be able to see it here. Thanks! -

    1. Thank you dear for visiting, done replying on ur blog :D