Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mr & Mrs Nails Art

Today..... I'm gonna introducing Mr & Mrs Nails.
Ladies and Gentlemen....... here we go......

I used: 
1. 2 coats of Peripera BR201 as base colors 
2. For Mrs's clothes (middle finger) 1 coat of  UNT HK010 then add some glitter with Sally Hansen Disco Ball #180. For the hair and white collar I used First Kiss Brush on Nail art paint. ( I just put it on paper and work with my dotting tools) 
3. For Mr's clothes (Ring Finger) 1 coat of UNT HK020 then the rest just as same as no 2. 
4. For the thumb, index and little fingers I apply a coat of OPI Alpine Snow then used my dotting tools and dot line randomly between UNT HK010, HK020, and black stripper then to glam it up I just add some gold and silver glitter. 
5. Final touch..... Seche a vite top coat. 

PS: A few months ago, I saw nail art tips from local newspaper, nails art using cotton bud to substitute stripper brush. So I tried it on my index fingers. The result...... wellll..... I think the tips is.... useless. Cotton bud absorb most of the nail polish so when I want to apply it's nothing left to apply on my nails, plus the cotton has some fall off so as you can see on my index finger I have blue color on top of the gold glitter....... *arghhh


My daughter saw my nails and said she also want the same, so I draw on her nails. It was so hard since she keeps on moving. Anyway, I have fun time with my girl ^.^
Happy weekend! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Inspired Nails

Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love I LOVE this drama series (Korean Series). I'm so hooked with this series for this past few months. This week is their final weeks, so sad............ On monday and tuesday I usually peep the series without english translation, then on wednesday night I watch it with english translation.  I watch it here on dramacrazy (they usually have the fastest english subtitle). 

To dedicated my love for this K-drama I made this nail 

I used; 
1. One coat of OPI alpine snow on thumb, index, ring and little fingers 
2. Thumb I sponged OPI planks a lot , Sally Hansen Violet Voltage, then OPI No spain no gain (in order) then stamp Konad M61 (flowers) then M68 (butterflies)
3. Index I sponged OPI Sparrow me the drama, OPI Love is a racket, OPI Golden eye then stamped Konad M68 (butterflies)
4. Middle fingers 2 coats of OPI Don't mess with OPI then stamped Konad M64 
5. Ring finger I repeat the colors like my index finger then instead of stamping it, I used water decal ^.^
6. Little finger I sponged OPI Fiercely Fiona, then OPI Don't mess with OPI, then konad M64 (flowers) and M68 (butterflies)
7. Final touch, Seche a vote top coat. 

So sad JOJ will be end this week and..... it's not a happy ending story..... SO SAD!!!! 

Thank you for coming by ^.^

Friday, June 21, 2013

Polka Lace Block Nails

I'm in girly mode, so today I made this nail;

Please check how I did Color Blocking nail with scotch tape ^.^ 
Don't forget to stick the scotch tape on back of your hand first before stick it on your nails. 

I used: 
1. 2 coats of OPI Alpine Snow for thumb, middle and ring finger as base color 
2. 2 coats of OPI Steady as she roses for index and little finger as base color 
3. Then Pink color I used Sally Hansen Xtreme wear #470 Bubblegum Pink 
4. Blue color I used OPI What's with the cattitude (Shrek collection)
5. Yellow color I used OPI Banana Bandana 
6. For the lace it's nail sticker and for the dotting I used my dotting tools 
7. Finally Seche a vite Top coat 

*Tips; for yellow dot, since yellow colors sometimes can be sheer, so it's better dotting white color first as base colors then after it's dry, dot yellow colors on the top of it. This will help yellow colors looks more pop out ^.^

What do you think? Hope you all like it ^.^
Thank you for coming to my blog <3

Monday, June 17, 2013

My Weekend Haul

Again.... another busy week for me, I'm exhausted. The weather getting hotter and hotter here. That's why I was planning to buy sunblock spray, I came to Watsons and here what I found
Well, besides sunblock these babies also came home with me hahahah. Sally Hansen on sale buy 1 get 1 for nail polish and 15% off for nail treatment, woot woot *dancing. I grab 4 colors of polish (Those were the colors left on the shelf so I grab it all). This is my first time bought Sally Hansen nail polish and I'm impress!!! The colors and the formula are so fine (plus I bought it on great deal buy 1 get 1 and I got free Sally Hansen Nail polish Remover) 

What I bought: (From left to right)
1. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hardener
2. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City #220
3. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Violet Voltage #445
4. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Disco Ball #180 
5. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Bubblegum Pink #470
6. Bourjois So Laque Glossy Amande defile #04 (this nail polish make me disappointed. The color is so pretty I love this color of green, but the formula is so hard to work with and streaky.)

Excitedly playing with the new colors ^.^

How was your weekend? 
Thanks for reading <3

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Orange Butterfly Nails

Yahoooo!!!! It's weekend again.
I'm joining Looxchallenge with theme of Tangerine / Tangerine Dreams. So this is what I came up with

What I used: 
1. For based all of nails I used OPI I Love Yokohama 
2. Then for Gradation I used Nature Republic Mandarin Blossom  then OPI Osaka- to-me Orange then SkinFood RE108. After that glam it up with gold glitter ( I used nail art brush paint)
3. For ring Finger I also used the same orders of polish then I add a coat of China Glaze Dreamsicle put on butterflies stickers (the stickers kinda suck 'cause it didn't stick very well)
4. Final seche a vite top coat. 

What do you think?
Wish me luck XOXO 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lee Hyori -"Bad Girls" MV Inspired Nails (Black Gold Leopard Nails)

I'm so excited with Lee Hyori (Korean Singer) comeback album. From the new album, my favorite is Bad Girls. Here is the link of the MV.
The song hooked on my ears all dayyyyyy, love it so much. So this is my nails inspired by her MV

What I used:
1. Black polish from OPI Mourning Glory 
2. Gold polish from the Faceshop -faceit BR802
3. Index Finger the leopard stripe I use water decal and cut it in small stripe
4. Ring Finger -Leopard pattern I use KONAD M57.
5. Final seche vite top coat 

For half manicure tips, you can visit my blog here ^.^

Hope you like it and thanks for coming by <3

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Splatter Nails (using Straw)

TGIF Yeahhh!!!!!
Today I gonna share my splatter nails.

This nail art is so easy and the result is so fun and artistic :P 
If you are sucks with your freehand nail art (like me), this nails are perfect for you ^.^

How I do this? 
I'm using a straw (the smallest one, the one for drinking yakult or small package of beverage)- I cut it into half then I brush my nail polish on the end of the straw and I blow it to my nails from the other site or the straw.  I learn this trick from Chubby Bunny Youtube. 

  1. Always put on old newspapers/ magazine or whatever on your work desk before you do this, 'cause the polish will splat everywhere.
  2. You can put scoth tape around your finger (close to the nail area)- it's optional. It's just make it easier to clean up the mess on the finger afterwards. 
  3. If you want to bling it up (adding some glitter polish). I think it's better to put it before you do the splatter 
If you put the glitter as a based the polish from the splatter will look more pop out ^.^

What I used:
1. For black base I used OPI morning glory (from so so skullicious collection- I loveee this collection)
2. OPI fly, OPI Hi,pumpkin, and OPI A-rose from the dead for the splatter
3. The gold glitter I used OPI Thrills in Beverly Hills 
4. Final seche vite top coat 

Hope you all like it ^.^
Happy weekend