Friday, June 21, 2013

Polka Lace Block Nails

I'm in girly mode, so today I made this nail;

Please check how I did Color Blocking nail with scotch tape ^.^ 
Don't forget to stick the scotch tape on back of your hand first before stick it on your nails. 

I used: 
1. 2 coats of OPI Alpine Snow for thumb, middle and ring finger as base color 
2. 2 coats of OPI Steady as she roses for index and little finger as base color 
3. Then Pink color I used Sally Hansen Xtreme wear #470 Bubblegum Pink 
4. Blue color I used OPI What's with the cattitude (Shrek collection)
5. Yellow color I used OPI Banana Bandana 
6. For the lace it's nail sticker and for the dotting I used my dotting tools 
7. Finally Seche a vite Top coat 

*Tips; for yellow dot, since yellow colors sometimes can be sheer, so it's better dotting white color first as base colors then after it's dry, dot yellow colors on the top of it. This will help yellow colors looks more pop out ^.^

What do you think? Hope you all like it ^.^
Thank you for coming to my blog <3