Saturday, June 1, 2013

Splatter Nails (using Straw)

TGIF Yeahhh!!!!!
Today I gonna share my splatter nails.

This nail art is so easy and the result is so fun and artistic :P 
If you are sucks with your freehand nail art (like me), this nails are perfect for you ^.^

How I do this? 
I'm using a straw (the smallest one, the one for drinking yakult or small package of beverage)- I cut it into half then I brush my nail polish on the end of the straw and I blow it to my nails from the other site or the straw.  I learn this trick from Chubby Bunny Youtube. 

  1. Always put on old newspapers/ magazine or whatever on your work desk before you do this, 'cause the polish will splat everywhere.
  2. You can put scoth tape around your finger (close to the nail area)- it's optional. It's just make it easier to clean up the mess on the finger afterwards. 
  3. If you want to bling it up (adding some glitter polish). I think it's better to put it before you do the splatter 
If you put the glitter as a based the polish from the splatter will look more pop out ^.^

What I used:
1. For black base I used OPI morning glory (from so so skullicious collection- I loveee this collection)
2. OPI fly, OPI Hi,pumpkin, and OPI A-rose from the dead for the splatter
3. The gold glitter I used OPI Thrills in Beverly Hills 
4. Final seche vite top coat 

Hope you all like it ^.^
Happy weekend 


  1. Wow.. It's really fantastic, I may try it in the future :)

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    1. Thank you ^.^
      Sure dear, I'll go and visit your blog <3