Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mr & Mrs Nails Art

Today..... I'm gonna introducing Mr & Mrs Nails.
Ladies and Gentlemen....... here we go......

I used: 
1. 2 coats of Peripera BR201 as base colors 
2. For Mrs's clothes (middle finger) 1 coat of  UNT HK010 then add some glitter with Sally Hansen Disco Ball #180. For the hair and white collar I used First Kiss Brush on Nail art paint. ( I just put it on paper and work with my dotting tools) 
3. For Mr's clothes (Ring Finger) 1 coat of UNT HK020 then the rest just as same as no 2. 
4. For the thumb, index and little fingers I apply a coat of OPI Alpine Snow then used my dotting tools and dot line randomly between UNT HK010, HK020, and black stripper then to glam it up I just add some gold and silver glitter. 
5. Final touch..... Seche a vite top coat. 

PS: A few months ago, I saw nail art tips from local newspaper, nails art using cotton bud to substitute stripper brush. So I tried it on my index fingers. The result...... wellll..... I think the tips is.... useless. Cotton bud absorb most of the nail polish so when I want to apply it's nothing left to apply on my nails, plus the cotton has some fall off so as you can see on my index finger I have blue color on top of the gold glitter....... *arghhh


My daughter saw my nails and said she also want the same, so I draw on her nails. It was so hard since she keeps on moving. Anyway, I have fun time with my girl ^.^
Happy weekend! 

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