Monday, June 29, 2015

Sheep Nails

Hi Dazzlers, 
Happy Monday <3 <3
To bright up your monday, I chose a bright color for today

The hanging sheep images are so cute 
I like it so much
It's stamping plate from BPS BP-59 

What do you think?

1. Base Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass 
2. Stamping plate BPS BP-59 and BP-66 
3. Konad stamping polish black 
4. Seche Vite top coat 

Thank you for visiting my blog 
and have a nice day 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Comic Nails

Hello Dazzlers, 
Weekend nails, also for #clairestelle8june nail art challenge Day 27th Stripes. Here is my stripes, hope you all like it <3

Notice the comic scene on my middle finger? 
Love it so much 

1. Base Skinfood ADN01 
2. Hehe Super Hero plate 008 and 009 
3. Konad stamping polish in black 
4. Face it BL602 to fill in the words 
5. Seche Vite Top Coat 

Thank you for visiting 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Beach Shore Nails

Hi hi Dazzlers, 
Recently, I saw someone post a beach nails on Facebook group (but I forgot who, sorry), but I keep thinking bout that nails, so I make one today <3 

Can you spot the ghost water?

1. Base Cuccio Los Angeles Luscious 
2. Skinfood ADN02, ADN04 and Faceshop BL602 for gradation color 
3. Hehe stamping plate 40 
4. Seche Vite top coat 

Monday, June 22, 2015

PONY MEMEBOX Blossom Lip Color #03 Orange Dahlia Review & Swatch

Hello Dazzlers, 
I'm a fan of PONY, really... well not a BIG fans, but I like her. I love watching her make up tutorial video on Youtube and love her makeup books too (I have one with her autograph hahaha so happy) 

I'm adding up her series in my collection <3 

Blossom Lip Color 

#03 Orange Dahlia 

I bought mine for 449 NT 
in Strawberry shop 
(it's one of beauty store in Ximending)

The lipstick bullet (it's circle) 

No 3 Orange Dahlia 
It's an orange pinky color 
kinda coral  
(and I always fall for this kind of color in Summer)

What surprise me about this lip color is 
The texture is kinda like lip balm 
It's remain me of Burt's Bees color lip balm 
but with the staying power like lipstick 
(I'm not kidding, it's last really long on me)

What I love about this lipstick
1. The texture (it has lip balm texture)
but not sticky 
2. Moisture (no dry lips)
3. Fruity scent (it's not strong) 
4. Long lasting (leave tint after I ate)
5. Affordable price

What I don't love..... 
hmm packaging? 
well I prefer the usual black tube 
but this white is also refreshing 
and I love the holo PONY label on the tube 
I love everything about this lipstick 

I love this one better than the Laneige one :P

Thank you for reading 
Have a good day 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Chinese Painting Nails

Hi Dazzlers, 
I bought lots of new Hehe stamping plates recently. They have lots of cool and cute images (Why I just discover this brand lately... where have I been??? LOL) 

1. Skinfood ADN01 as base 
2. Stamping plate hehe 45 and 47 
3. Konad special polish in Black, Green and Red 
4. Seche Vite top coat 

Thank you for visiting 
Have a nice weekend 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar #3 Pink Salmon Review and Swatch

Hello Dazzlers,
It's been longggg time since I review lip products.  Today I'm going to review about Laneige.

If you are K-pop or K-dramas fans (Like I am)
You will notice lots of them have that gradient lips 
I have love hate relationship with this gradient lips 
I think I'm not that great on doing it and the result make 
me like I'm sick or the color just seem so weird
(Is it happen to you too?)

When I saw Laneige have this Lip Bar come out 
I think well, why not, let's give it a try!!

The lippie looks like a pen (Well, yeah I think I'm obsessed with 
pen look alike lippie) 
or maybe look like a USB driver?? 
Anyway, at the side the have like scroller...
(is it? well don't know how to say it)
and the bottom is color of lippie 

Inside, the bullet is rectangular with two shades of color 
the soft and deeper color 
to make the gradient lips faster.
just one swap
and yeah you got the gradient lips

Swatch on my hand

Swatch on my lips 
Since it's summer, I chose no 3 PINK SALMON
It's orange color but it's a bit softer cause it has 
pink hint in it
It's not matte lippie, it has translucent shine in it 
and not sticky 

Gradient Lips 
My first impression... 
It's still not easy to apply this lippie at first 
The rectangular angle just make it harder to reach the end of my lips 
(a bit awkward for me at first time of using this) 
but getting better after times... 

But still.... 
rather than having gradient lips 
I love using it full lips. 
The soft color, make the orange looks softer 

What I love bout this Lip Bar 
1. Color choices ( it has 10 choices of colors)
2. No scent 
3. Moisture (it didn't dry up my lips)
4. Long wear (It still there when I finish my bowl 
of mangoes and if its gone it tint)
5. PEN look alike (so it's slim and chic) 

What I don't like 
1. The rectangular bullet..... 
2. The price is quite expensive.
It's 890 NT (bought on Lainege Taiwan counter)

Hope this can help you <3 
I really recommend this lip bar for you who 
really love gradient lips 
It's the fastest way

but if you feel so so bout gradient lips 
my advice... don't buy it. 
I rather buy the 3CE or other brands 
and definitely cheaper (but also has quality) 

Thank you for reading 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Flower Leaves Decals (BP-W15) Born Pretty Store

Hello Dazzlers, 
This time, I think you know that I love nail decals and stamping, so I combine those two ^.^

I received this Flower Nail Art Water Decals 

Today I'll use this pattern 
This decals is thinner than other brand of decals I used before. 
Since it's thinner, you have to be more careful in stretching the decals 
or it would be crooked 
but.... 'cause it's thinner 
It's attach better to our nails 
That's why I love using this nail decals 

I combine stamping plate BP-L001 and BP-L015
 and decals from BP-W15 

1. The decals is transparent so I used Pony Love Mint as base color 
3. Stamping plate BP-L001 and BP-L015 
4. Seche Vite Top Coat 

What do you think?
Do you like it?

Don't forget you can use my code 
for 10% off 

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Watermarble Nails (No water!!!!)

Hello Dazzlers, 
Yes.... I'm serious... watermarble nails no water needed!!! 
I'm using stamping hahhaha 

I use Hehe plate 040 
Love the heart image so much <3 

For international shipping you can 
check their website here 
They have lots of pretty plates 

What do you think?

1. Base: Revlon Sunlit Grass and Deborah Lippmann Groove is in the heart 
2. Stamping plate Hehe 40 
3. Etude House neon pink as stamping polish and Konad black 
4. Sally Hansen Disco Ball 
5. Seche Vite Top Coat 

Happy Weekend 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Moyou London Artist #14

Hello Dazzlers,
I don't know what to name this Nails I made, what do you think? Can you think of the name that suit for this nails? 
This is also for #clairestelle8june day 11th challenge: Square 

I use OPI Alpine Snow 
as base color for all of the nails 

then for middle and ring finger nails 
I use dry brush technique 
(Tony Moly N07, The Faceshop PK107, The Faceshop OR201)

and the rest I use smoosh technique 
(Cuccio In the Key of lime, Revlon Lime basil, Etude House Yellow neon)

and stamp using 
MOYOU London Artist plate #14 
Final step is Sally Hansen big matte top coat 

Thank you for visiting 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Rose Vintage Decal BP-W05 (Born Pretty Store Review)

Hello Dazzlers,
Back again with nail decal from Born Pretty Store  . This decal sent to me for review, let's see

It's Flower Painting Nail Art Water Decal 
You can see the instruction at the back of the packaging 
but.... (prepare yourself)
The english is just... blahhh 
(but you get the idea how to use it )
or you can click here for more explanation 

Inside, there are 2 patterns of flower decals 
and this time I use the red rose one 

What do you think? 

I always love nail decals  
With this BP-W05 
the decal is so thin and it attached better on your nails 
If you get a bit wrinkle on your nails when you apply it 
Don't panic,
you can smooth it out with top coat 

1. OPI Alpine Snow as base for decals (this decals is a bit transparent, so I use white as base to make the color pop out) 
2. Anna Sui 470 (red polish)
3. BPS decals BP-W05 
4. Seche Vite Top Coat 

If you like this kind of Water Decals 
They have range of Water decals with affordable prices 

and you can also use my code ISHX31 
for 10% discount code 

Thank you for visiting my blog