Monday, June 22, 2015

PONY MEMEBOX Blossom Lip Color #03 Orange Dahlia Review & Swatch

Hello Dazzlers, 
I'm a fan of PONY, really... well not a BIG fans, but I like her. I love watching her make up tutorial video on Youtube and love her makeup books too (I have one with her autograph hahaha so happy) 

I'm adding up her series in my collection <3 

Blossom Lip Color 

#03 Orange Dahlia 

I bought mine for 449 NT 
in Strawberry shop 
(it's one of beauty store in Ximending)

The lipstick bullet (it's circle) 

No 3 Orange Dahlia 
It's an orange pinky color 
kinda coral  
(and I always fall for this kind of color in Summer)

What surprise me about this lip color is 
The texture is kinda like lip balm 
It's remain me of Burt's Bees color lip balm 
but with the staying power like lipstick 
(I'm not kidding, it's last really long on me)

What I love about this lipstick
1. The texture (it has lip balm texture)
but not sticky 
2. Moisture (no dry lips)
3. Fruity scent (it's not strong) 
4. Long lasting (leave tint after I ate)
5. Affordable price

What I don't love..... 
hmm packaging? 
well I prefer the usual black tube 
but this white is also refreshing 
and I love the holo PONY label on the tube 
I love everything about this lipstick 

I love this one better than the Laneige one :P

Thank you for reading 
Have a good day 


  1. Warnanya cantik banget! Masuk wish list!