Tuesday, September 30, 2014

3CE Creamy Lip Color #6 Jazzy Pink Swatch

Hello Dazzlers
Today I want to share lipstick swatch from 
3CE Creamy Lip color 
(I really love this brand)

#6 Jazzy Pink 
This shade win award winner 
Editor's Pick 
Korea Allure 2014 

 Swatch on my hand 

On lips 
I don't have exact word how to describe this Jazzy pink shade
It's look like reddish pink but also has a bit of coral shade in it 
I think it's a great choice if you search for 
a bright color lip 
but don't brave enough to wear red. 

Super love with this creamy lip color 
it's so pigmented and moist 

I also swatch 3CE Creamy Lip Color #5 Dazzling 
In case you miss my post 
just click here

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Monotone Plaid Nail

Hello Dazzlers...
It's officially Fall, but the weather here in Taiwan still quite hot.
For today nails I want to try monotone color to welcoming Fall season.

I used:
1. Stamping plate QA98 from Born Pretty Store (I really love the images on this plate) - you can check my other design using this plate here
2. OPI Alpine snow for white polish 
3. Pastel Nail polish D11 for black polish 
4. Konad special nail polish in black and white 
5. Seche Vite top coat  

I think black, white and plaid pattern 
are perfect for fall and winter season 
What do you think?

Thank you for reading 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Raining Nail Art

It's raining so hard today in here
so today I came out with this design plus I want to join the Sally Hansen Indonesia nail challenge with 'Rainy Season' theme. 

So these my nails 

What I use: 
1. Cuccio Chicago Winds as base color (2 coats)- The formula is so runny it's driving me crazy!!!
2. Stamp with CICI&SISI 9 plate for white rain base 
3. Cloud - CICI&SISI 07
4. The birdie on my middle finger CICI&SISI 02 
5. The Umbrella CICI&SISI 08 

Even tough it's raining day, it can be a fine happy rainy day too ^.^
How bout you? 
Do you hate rainy days?

Thank you for coming by
See you on next post 


Friday, September 19, 2014

Stripe Nail Art Using QA98 Stamping Plate

Happy Friday Dazzlers <3 <3
It's weekend again. 
Today I want to do a simple stamping nail art using plate QA98  

I received this plate from Born Pretty Store 

This the swatches of the images on the paper 
The banana images are so cute, but I love 
all of the images here on this plate. 
The images also pick up very well. 

Besides QA plate, Born Pretty Store also has lots of 
variance of stamping plates, you can check 
others variance here

 So this is my simple stripe nail art
Trying to give you the picture step by step <3
First, I used Nature Republic no 04 as base
Two coats. 

2nd, preparing for sponging
I used OPI lunch at the Delhi
Etude House Play Nail #233
The Balm -Lets make a teal 
Etude House Color Pop CBL605 

3rd, I used the sponge and sponged all of the color 
randomly and wait for it to dry 
(don't worry about the mess)

4th Ready for stamping 
I usually prepare the tools near me 
I had the QA98 plate, Konad special nail polish in Black, 
cotton pad, remover bottle (I prefer to use the pump one), 
and the scrapper. 
For scrapper  I don't use the original scrapper, instead 
I use membership card or old credit card 
I used it so that it won't scratch my plate. 

5th Stamp the image 
In here I used the stripe image 

6th Final Step 
Cleaning up and put top coat 
to seal the image and make it last longer ^.^

If you like the plate you can order it here
and use code ISHX31 
for 10% off 

Another news is that Born Pretty Store 
will launch their own brand of stamping plate. 
So they have promotion event that 
you can get 1 of their stamping plate for free. 
Check the details here

Hope you like my post 
and have a great weekend 

See you on the next post 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate Share and Win

Hello Dazzlers
Tonight I want to share good news for you all.
Recently Born Pretty Store just released their own brand of stamping plate and they have promotion event

All you need to do is
Share the banner above to more than 3 social websites and
send your post links or screenshot to email bpsnicole@gmail.com
and you will get a BORN PRETTY STAMPING PLATE for free
Easy right ^.^
Time for sharing is from Sept 17 till Sept 21

Born Pretty Store also has quite wide range of stamping plate collection
you can check it here

Nail Art Water Decals; Born Pretty Store Review

Hello Dazzler
Today  I want to review Nail Art Water Decals I received from Born Pretty Store

Check out the item here
and there are lots of other beautiful water decals on the website too. 

When you use it, don't forget to remove the plastic film on top of it. 

This water decals are so easy to use 
first apply a base coat then apply the water decal 
(For more details on how to use it please check my other post )
Try to make the surface as smooth as possible , 
but if you can't it's okay, you can smooth it later with top coat. 
If you have excess of the water decals just use nail file/ scissor to cut the 
excess ^.^ 

For long and big nails, don't worry 
This water decals are long and big enough 
See on the pic, I still have some excess on my nail 

Last step is TOP COAT 
Don't forget to apply it 
to seal the design and make it last longer. 

What I love about this water decals 
1. Easy to use 
2. No scent (If you hate the stink scent of regular nail polish.. this absolutely an option for you)
3. Less waiting time (you don't have to wait for a long time for your nail to dry)
4. An instant nail art 
5. Easy to remove (the same way to remove regular nail polish) 
6. Affordable 

What do you think? 
You can also use my coupon code ISHX31 
for 10% discount 

See you on next post 

Monday, September 15, 2014

C.E.V Cyprus Swatch

Hello Dazzler.....
I can't hold myself to share this product with you all .. (I'm so excited)

C.E.V (Chic Elegant & Love) 
It's a Taiwan brand nail polish, but 
the ingredient and technology made in France 

One thing that catch my attention is 
So beautiful with all of the bling bling on the cap 
Yeahh I'm packaging sucker!!!

"The bling bling" cap can be put on or off.
They have 2 version of the bottle 
the one with the bling and other one 
the regular one with lain black cap.

The name and number of polish are printed 
on sticker at the bottom of bottle 


Cyprus is baby blue polish, shimmer finish. 
Quite sheer, I need 3 coats to make it opaque as in picture. 
The formula dry pretty fast 

It stated that their products not contains of 
BBP,DBP,DEHP,DNOP or any harm chemicals. 

Another specialty of this brand is 
you can customize your polish order, 
It would be a great gift idea for nail polish lovers 

Check their website here

Sadly, I'm not really sure that they have international shipping 
but in case you visit Taiwan, 
don't miss out this brand <3 <3 

What do you think? 
Would you buy this nail polish for collection?

Thank you for reading 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rimmel 447 and Konad M63

Weekend Nail..... 
Sorry to post it out too late. It supposed to be up on Friday or Saturday but I had internet problem yesterday. 
So here we go 

hahahha I'm so into blueee (I've told you ) lately 
This Rimmel 447 Barmy Blue 
So beautiful, it's dark blue with purple undertone

I stamped it with Konad M63 
also using Konad special polish in Silver 

I'm a bit disappointed on how the silver come out, 
I was expected it to be more vibrant 

What do you think?
Do you have recommendation a better silver polish for stamping?

Have a nice weekend 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Goodbye Summer ; Watermelon Nail Art

Just in a flash of the eyes It's September already
Time to say Goodbye to Summer.....
Before it really end, I want to make last "Summer" nail  with  Watermelon Planet kit by MARCH (Hong Kong brand)


They put a catalogue on step by step nail art 

Using that kit

I used the red, white and black on that kit
I didn't used the green one because it's too sheer 
so I replaced the green one with 
Revlon Parfumerie Lime Basil 

What do you think?

Thank you for stopping by