Saturday, September 6, 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Tropical Rain Swatch

Hello Dazzlerssss <3 <3 
Been long time since my last post :p
I went back to my hometown Surabaya, Indonesia for 2 weeks, let my children spend their holiday with grandpa and grandma 

Soooo for my first post in September... Swatch of Revlon Parfumerie Tropical Rain and yeses it's blue nail polish again (I'm a bit obsessed with blue nails lately) 

Photo Swatch 

Ain't that lovely, Girls???? 
So in love with this color 
Pastel blue color, creme finish  
so pigmented, it's opaque with one coat 
but as usual I use 2 coat no top coat in these photo 

The Special part from Parfumerie is their scent 
I think the name can be misleading 
Honestly I can't imagine the Tropical Rain's scent 
so I assume it's their way to make the name 
sounds fancy 

Tropical Rain scent almost similar with Powder Puff 
but this one is not as sweet as Powder Puff 
It smell like baby powder
Really enjoy this scent 


  1. Wah... Ini beli dimanakah? sudah masuk ke indo kah? How much?

    Love the color ^_^

    Jean Milka

    1. Aku beli di watson taiwan, bulan lalu aku balik Surabaya kayaknya blm msk counter revlon. Harga sekitar 180 an NTD