Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nail Art Water Decals; Born Pretty Store Review

Hello Dazzler
Today  I want to review Nail Art Water Decals I received from Born Pretty Store

Check out the item here
and there are lots of other beautiful water decals on the website too. 

When you use it, don't forget to remove the plastic film on top of it. 

This water decals are so easy to use 
first apply a base coat then apply the water decal 
(For more details on how to use it please check my other post )
Try to make the surface as smooth as possible , 
but if you can't it's okay, you can smooth it later with top coat. 
If you have excess of the water decals just use nail file/ scissor to cut the 
excess ^.^ 

For long and big nails, don't worry 
This water decals are long and big enough 
See on the pic, I still have some excess on my nail 

Last step is TOP COAT 
Don't forget to apply it 
to seal the design and make it last longer. 

What I love about this water decals 
1. Easy to use 
2. No scent (If you hate the stink scent of regular nail polish.. this absolutely an option for you)
3. Less waiting time (you don't have to wait for a long time for your nail to dry)
4. An instant nail art 
5. Easy to remove (the same way to remove regular nail polish) 
6. Affordable 

What do you think? 
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See you on next post