Wednesday, July 3, 2013

3CE Lip Lacquer Review #Super Coral

Hello... today I'm back with 3CE Lip Lacquer in Super Coral
*Look like this when I received it. 

From the 3CE website,  lip lacquer means lipstick- like touch with press powdered- like soft cashmere lips. With a neat finish and non-sticky application. Simple words to say it's a matte cream lipstick. Creamy texture lipstick with matte finish. 

*The box (all description in Korean, except the name of the lip lacquer #super coral at the bottom of the box.

*Inside the box (It has sticker seal at the side of the product since it's in Korean I don't know what it's mean. My guess is don't accept if the seal is broke??? )

*The brush. 
The brush is quite big and 45 degree downward. I'm not really fond with this brush. It's great for bottom lips application, but it's kinda hard to apply for my upper lips and corner of the lips, as a result I have to use my finger to smooth the product on my lips. 


*On my hand, the upper photo is no flash, taken indoor, natural light. Bottom; with flash. 

*My bare lips (I just used one layer of Burt Bees Lip Balm)

*One coat of 3CE Lip Lacquer Super Coral on my lips. It's pink orange color. I love the color ^.^
Creamy texture with matte result, but It dried up my lips. As you can see on my bottom lips, you can notice the dryness there..... just like a desert. My chapped lips looks really obvious!.
The staying power is not as good as 3CE Lip pigment. It's gone for 2-3 hours, but leave slight of stain.

Since I have almost same lipstick from other brand, I'll make a short comparison.

After wearing 3CE, I just remove the lipstick with remover then I apply a layer of lip balm then put NYX soft matte lip cream in Antwerp #SMLC05. 

for 3CE you can clearly see my lips wrinkle line, and it feels heavy on my lips since it's so dry while NYX more moisture so can minimize my under lips line, and feel light as if the lipstick and my lips become 1. 

The brush applicator, NYX has smaller applicator which make me have a good control on applying product on my lips. While 3CE, I think the brush a bit hard to work with.

*Swatches on my hand: It seem like NYX is on dry side, but surprisingly it feels more moisture on the lips compare to 3CE. 

So, my conclusion. 
Will I repurchase this 3CE Lip Lacquer? I will say NO! Sorry...........!!!!! 
The reason;
1. It dried up my lip and staying power is not really good. 
2. I don't like the brush applicator 
3. It's pricy. It cost almost double than NYX. On the plastic of 3CE it stated it's 18,600 Won. I bought it from one of Online Shop in Taiwan for 540 NT, and on their website it's listed $20.81 USD. 

Love reason:
1. It's pigmented 
2. Color range with the colors that so vibrant and trending 
3. I love their website on giving the swatches of the product (complete swatches, lots of photo, beautiful models- well yeah that's the reason I bought this product). 

So.... 3CE or NYX ? My heart goes to NYX.... Sorry.....

What do you think? Have you tried this lip lacquer? Is it also dried up your lips? 
Leave me a comment. I love reading your comment ^.^
Thank you for reading XOXO


  1. Woah it seems so promising, but if MYX turns out to be better then I'll just keep buying NYXes LOL

    1. yes... NYX so much better. So sad.. I have a high expectation with this product

  2. woww I even though my nyx is not moisturizing enough, I might have to forget 3CE's one then :/ thankyou for the review!

    1. If NYX not moisture enough, don't buy 3CE lip lacquer, it's gonna dried up your lips, and the product will be uneven on your lips. Not sexy at all T.T

  3. nice lips!

  4. Wow, nice lip! I love the color of 3 CE anyway ^^

    I just followed your blog, I'll be glad if you follow me back ^^

  5. thanks for the review!you save my money coz I actually wanted to try this..

  6. I just bought the same colour of 3CE lip lacquer and the problem I found was the same as yours, dries up my lips and the color wasn't so great when I apply it. Surprisingly, many beauty bloggers like this product and recommend people to buy :S

    1. They have great color selections, but too bad, the formula is just not right for my lips :(