Saturday, September 21, 2013

3CE Lip Color #602 V Review

Hello.... back again with 3CE stuff. Tonight is 3 Concept Eyes Lip color #602 V

The side of the box has different color of lips.
I thought this design is cute. 
Matching your nails and lips colors hmmm (might try it :p)

All of the detail in Korean 
At the bottom of the box and the tube has lip color number and name. 
I like it when they write down the name also on the tube. 
Maybe it just me, but I have difficulty remembering number, it get mixed up,
so I like to remember a name. 
When I'm searching in my nail polish or lipstick stash, I like to call it by its name.
For example; I'm in the mood for coral lips, I'll say I'll get my 'Super Coral' and so on.
The name seem to attached better, so I like catchy and cute name of product. 
Is it just me? or do you also have the same habit?

Anyway.... let's move on

The bullet. 
Classic black bullet, nothing special, but quite decent.

The swatches on my hand and lips

 602 V
In the photo it looks like cool blue based fuchsia pink, but 
in the real life it's warmer and darker. 
and It's matte finish. 

Honestly.... I'm a bit disappointed with this lipstick. 
I bought it online, so I bought it based on their pictorial advertisement. 
Here's their ad

Compared to mine..... 
The ad pic looks so moist and glossy and on me it's matte. 
The ad pic color so bright purplely pink and on me it's so different, and after few minutes,
the color seems to change to berry plum red on my lips 
(Is it because I don't use lip concealer?) 
anyway, the point is... I don't get the exact color like on the ad. 
and the creaminess, I'm expecting to get the same creaminess like their 
Lip Jumbo Crayon, but nooo I was wrong T.T

Good thing to say about this lip color;
*No scent at all 
*Glide smoothly, but a bit dried up my lips (not 'till chapping)

I don't like the color turn out when I fully apply on my lips, but I found this lip color 
work best as a Tint. I just use lip balm, then dabbed this lip color on my lips and just smear it 
with my finger, and the result I get is 
See... totally different color...... 

Have you tried 3CE lip color? Do you get the same result as their ad pictorial? 
Please let me know ^.^

Note: I might gone for a while, going back to Indonesia for 2 weeks tmrw *woots woots, I'll do my best to blog though :p 
Have a great weekend for all of you <3
Thank you for reading 


  1. I`m defenitely going to try them. Already heard so many good things abour 3CE. Thanks for the post:)

  2. Ooooh i've not tried these! After reading this I think i'll give them a ago, thanks for informing me :)


  3. Verry nice color!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know and I will follow you back!:}

  4. aku tetap lebih suka lip pigment nya xixixi

  5. Thanks for sharing this review! I haven't heard of that before and the color looks really nice :)


  6. we love the packagin with the lipos! the colour definitely does not look like what the ad claims it to be, but nonetheless, it looks amazing on your lips! We have to check this brand out!!